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    Redeemer Clone bug

    A friend of mine taught me this the other day, and it's a nice and cool bug so I thought I would share it with the unaware people.

    Here it goes: First, grab a Redeemer. Shoot it with alternate fire, taking care of not ramming the missile into anything. While the missile is still flying, press the Esc key, and become a spectator. Then, you can join the game again, but try not to join it too fast after you went to spec. If you did it correctly, a clone of you should appear in the spot you were on when you shot the Redeemer.

    if you are playing Deathmatch, you can kill this clone with any of your weapons, if you do so, it will count as a suicide (obviously other players can kill it as well, which will earn a frag for them). If you are playing a team-based game however, you cannot kill the clone with your own weapons (neither can your team mates... this I tried with friendly fire disabled, but probably you can kill it with friendly fire enabled), but you (or your team mates) can still kill it by pushing it into lava/slime/abyss/whatever, or by telefragging it somehow.

    If not killed, the clone will last as long as the game does not finish, if you happen to be logged into a server and you do log out, if the game does not end yet your clone will still be there if you log in again, but it will appear as an idle Jakob (the default character), not aligned with any team (killing it will not harm or benefit anybody). You can even change teams and your clone will be considered as being a team mate of you, even though it's wearing the colour of your former team.

    this bug does have an interesting use in CTF matches: if you happen to be carrying the enemy flag when you do this bug, your clone will appear holding the flag, and will do so until it's killed, or game ends. So, if the enemy has your flag as well you can hold the enemy flag, make a clone of yourself to hold the enemies flag, and go try to retrieve your flag yourself.

    the bad news at this point is that you cannot take the enemies flag back from your clone, unless you kill it somehow (pushing it into abyss, or telefragging it as I explained), and even then, the enemies' flag will be returned to their base. So it's mainly as a means to "hold" the enemy flag in a hidden place while you help to recover your own flag.

    EDIT: be careful when you are doing this. I glitched a CTF FaceClassic server somehow when no team was leading (no idea what happened, but even though my clone holding the flag was killed, the enemy flag never returned), and the game never ended. I'll probably get banned there, lol.

    Interesting... Not a very worthy thing to do, but interesting...


      Here is a little vid I made.

      I'm gonna sig it.


        I'm pretty sure this was fixed in some way. Are you sure you and the server you were playing on were patched to the latest version?


          I have the patch 3369, and I can do it myself. In other servers as far as I've seen the results may vary. On internet servers my clone always appears holding a Redeemer, but when I do a LAN game, my clone appears with the most powerful weapon I had before shooting the deemer (e.g. a flak cannon, or rocket launcher, or anything else). There was one CTF server in which I glitched the game (as of late an admin reseted it), but in other my clone just held the flag and later the enemy killed it and the flag was retrieved.

          EDIT: the server where I glitched the game was running v3334.


            Hah But why does it say "Now viewing Renegade"? Like, you become a bot? And also I saw this kind of behaviour (when flagged player deresolutes, he keeps the flag in his hand) in DeathMatch on CTF maps (rename DM- to CTF-)...


              No, I changed my name to Renegade to show that the clone would change its name together with me, too, but the vid doesn't display it (the clone's name) too well. lol.

              I never saw what you say (that is, when a player carrying a flag dies and the flag is still in his hands then dissolutes along with the corpse), I've always seen the player dropping the flag on place. Like in what situation does this happen other than the one I show?


                Just like I've said, when you play DM on CTF maps. I used MapMixer for that TBH. Bots keep camping at flag bases and take flags again and again, each time shouting "I've got the flag!" but not actually getting a new flag. Probably. And the can take both flags...