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    UT2004 server settings

    I just installed botmixer and mapmixer and use RandPlayerStarts and ControlX_1a mutators on my server. The botmixer/mapmixer works fine setup for just "DM"and I got it rotating the bots of my choosing along with all the bots various settings. The ControlX_1a using the settings below the bots do a lot of straffing/jumping etc to make the game lots of fun. Naturally that is with "click to respawn" upon death=true settings.

    The best part is how the bots react when hit/killed. The bots actually go sliding or flying backwards half the time when hit/killed. I just love watching something more than just a quick death. I wish "Epic" would consider utilizing those abilities in there next release for bots and the game.


    I have been trying for a while to get the UT2004 bots to be more fun to enjoy and play against. I think this did it pretty well. I would love to hear other suggestions in regards to how to improve the bots. I tried serverbots but I could never get the skill level to actually go low enough to win a match using it. The way it is now I have all the control over skill using UT2004 and botmixer as well as all the other individual bot settings like favorite weapon, straffing, jumping etc... This worked out especially well with that "skinpack" link in a previous post. I got 12 good bots (good vs. evil) or just mixed together killing each other. Fun pack "Osama bin Laden" running around blowing people up or running around with his hands in the air in panic. LOL you got to luv that!