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UT2004 Hybrid Cup

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    UT2004 Hybrid Cup

    "The Rebirth Cup is actually a league and six cups. The cups played will cover the following gametypes: TDM, BR, iDDOM, CTF, AS and ONS. If your team loses a cup match, you are out of the game until the next cup. For every game you play, your team will win points, so staying in the cups is as important as ever. At the end of all six cups, the team with the highest score will be determined the best players of UT2004 (for this cup season, anyway).

    The cup does not accept team registrations. Instead, once enough players have registered for the cup, teams will be randomly selected but according to skill levels, in an effort to make them fair. This means you won't have a team full of great ONS plays or poor CTF players. This has two advantages:
    1 - The same clans that always win games will not be present. Every team has a chance to win if they play well. 2 - You'll end up playing with completely new players, and will over time build up good team tactics. The winning team will be asked to stay as a team and become next season's champions-to-beat!"

    Basically, we need people to sign up! If you're thinking of not; here's some reasons why you should:

    1 - It's insultingly easy: Simply fill in the slightly humourous webform, and you're in. NO email confirmation, NO multiple pages, NO annoying security words and NO passwords even! Just a quick webform.

    2 - It will be less predictable than other cups: Other cups have the same best teams winning every time. This cup forces players to mix together, meaning your team really can go for the top position on the table np.

    3 - I spent ages coding the software for it: I know that's not a big reason, but at least check it out.

    4 - More than a usual cup: First of all, there are 6 cups consecutively. Second of all, there are over 30 player- and team-awards to be won for all sorts of small challenges. For example, there is a 10-point award for being the team who was fastest to demolish the barricade in AS-FallenCity out of all 16.

    5 - No boredom: If your team goes out in the first round of one of the six cups, that's np, your team leader will elect one person to fight in an 'arena fight'. This is basically a 5-lives LMS match, where the winner will win a small amount of points for their team. A team can have up to 3 arena matches in a cup.

    6 - Still not convinced?: Everything is arranged for you. You will receive an email in good time before any matches. Every team has 6 players, so you can afford to be away sometimes (it's a 4v4 cup). IRC channels are provided, as is a web-IRC client that connects automatically for you.

    Here's the link again incase you missed it at the top: