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now installing...(again)

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    now installing...(again)

    Installing ut2004 again! All you empty servers beware!!

    but seriously, any good european(dutch) servers active i got to be aware of?? ((i)ctf, tdm, (i)dm, no onslaught) I really would like a good game...ut3 is ok but my pc is kinda slow...


    anyway... been playin several servers tonight... nothing's changed, most players are elitist a$$holes. FACT!


      Originally posted by OrbitFX View Post
      most players are elitist a$$holes. FACT!
      yeah.. alot of players are like that im afraid. dont play many game types, i pretty much found 1 server i like and i stick with it. TAM has a few good popular servers active for Europe players if your interested in that most popular servers are demo servers however iv found


        Welcome back.

        If you want a friendly bunch of Europeans to play ut2004 with then check out the Titan servers. Lots of Dutch people there (one of the admins is Dutch too - watch out for his minigun)

        At the moment we're playing a lots of a custom version of Freon which is a lot of fun

        There's a very active forum on:
        Server monitor:


          edit: Ah - yes - as Freon/TAM is a very tiny custom game type you'll need to join from the server monitor as you will not see us in the server browser unless you have it installed in you ut2004/system folder