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    For Invasion server admins

    Hello! My name is Kelly and I play as {AGUT}gopostal and gopostal. I admin a small (10 player) dedicated server: AGUT Invasion Shooting Gallery part-time and currently I have a new project I'm working on, which is why I am writing this.

    I've put together a website where I'm trying to catalogue as many of the invasion specific files as I possibly can. I've been involved in setting up five or so invasion servers and every single time it's been a pain playing the "find the file" game to make a monster pack work right. I'm quite sure you have seen that firsthand as you were setting up.

    This is the website:

    Ideally I would like you to contribute any invasion file you see missing or that is custom and you would not mind having archived for public use.

    Increasingly more and more of these links are failing. I would like to contribute to the community by making a permanent place for them. I desire no implied ownership of the files, just to become a stable mirror for them, a central place that anyone wanting to set up invasion can go and get what they need.

    I have a page for server advertising, so along with any files you would like to contribute, please submit a short description of your server and the IP(s) and I will hotlink them from within the page. Feel free to submit invasion clan info too if you would like. I have no advertising, and ask for no support so there will be no banners or ads, just pages of invasion information.

    Thanks for your time, and I hope you can make a contribution.


    If it wants to kill you, we'll host it!

    Great website, Kelly! Indeed a must for Invasion admins.



      Hi all and especially Kelly

      Really like your idea with what you have done and thx

      But since these postings there is no more mention of you on the net..

      The link to your site is dead
      which you have given us here and the same on several other sites ie like the one below

      Shame really hope you are well and the work you did has not gone to waste..

      If all is well then could you update the link to your website on here and on the site Thx