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ELF shaggy is a tard

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    he's not a tard, but i don't think he or his pals fully understand the impact of what they are doing, and how people will respond and affect their lives in return.

    that's an unfortunately common attitude these days and it's going to lead to problems down the line. for all of us.


      Originally posted by Catzenjaeger
      no Loric do you want to hide yourself before this topic? that is unfortunately the reality
      Diarrhoea is reality, too. Care to see some pics? Or do you want to hide yourself from it?


        Originally posted by Catzenjaeger
        sorry what is "WD" ?
        me<---english nOOb
        Well Done


          Originally posted by [NBS]Flak
          You're going to dance on them?
          Nah I think he means that he'll take a dump in their toilets...

          Originally posted by OMGWTF!
          [Elf]Shaggy is 21
          that is very sad...he acts like he is <12
          Errr... 19


            Nothing is 100% hack proof

            The ELF fools will hack UT2004. It is just a matter of time. Learn to live with it.


              why should get used to the fact that smacktards like ELF *might* relase hacks into this game?

              we paid for this game, killed for the demo after months of waiting. And now some kids who can make hacks for a game engine come here and scare u all. we should fight for these games...if we dont more and more smacktards will just over run the gaming comunity and we will have to buy real guns and just kill other ppl and not in a game.


                Re: ELF shaggy is a tard

                Originally posted by Rlyeh Ftaghn
                OMG i've been reading the interview to clan elf shaggy really is a tard :haha: :haha:

                i mean the other guy seems more like a normal guy but shaggy just is pathetic....:haha: :haha: :haha:
                "i guess i was born a cheater hope gurl never reads this hahahha" - [ELF]Shaggy

                LMAO, you weren't kidding


                  Originally posted by Radeon285
                  I think he meant they were using an aimbot and invisible hack :bulb:
                  how could he beat them?


                  the only way he could do that is with an aimbot and invisi hack...


                    Originally posted by Sniper_Rifle357
                    why should get used to the fact that smacktards like ELF *might* relase hacks into this game?
                    Why? Because they really can't stop jerks from hacking any game!! Atari might slow it down a bit, but sooner or later someone will hack UT 2004.


                      Helios seems human. An annoying human, but still, a human. Shaggy is more in the category 'monkey with keyboard' though.


                        Heh, what are the odds that they really get "gurls"? Exceptions may be the ones you pay for, or blow up.

                        BTW, I have watched UTStats for a while now. They have used MANY names to play under, that have nothing to do with ELF.

                        NBK alone changed his name every day. Sometimes more than once a day.

                        Proud indeed. :down:


                          I agree with those comments, I almost felt a bit sorry for Helios - he didnt seem so bad! But that Shaggy - what a loser. He just doesnt get it does he... and never will.

                          Life is full of people like that, sad, but true



                            This must be the Theory of Relativity in action.

                            Saddam is okay too, when compared to Hitler, Stalin & Pol Pot.


                              hitler is ok..its just his methods...were well...erm...a *little* wrong