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Why is my fps so bad?

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    Why is my fps so bad?

    I did a benchmark in UT2k3 and I got

    44fps avg. flyby, and
    31fps avg. botmarch

    My system specs are:
    System Info Version: 2.2
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98
    Processor: AMD Duron(tm) @ 1.99 GHz
    Graphics Card: MSI MS-StarForce GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X (NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X)
    Total Physical Memory: 512 MB
    Free Physical Memory: 211.21 MB

    BTW, why does it say 1.99 ghz when I really have 2.4 ghz?

    BTW, heres my video card statz:
    Description: Primary Display Driver
    Manufacturer: NVIDIA
    Name: MSI MS-StarForce GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X (NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X)
    Total Local Video Memory: 64 MB
    Total Local Texture Memory: 64 MB
    Total AGP Memory: 128 MB
    Display Driver: nvdisp.drv
    Display Driver Version:
    Driver WHQL Certified: Yes
    Max Texture Width : 2048
    Max Texture Height: 2048
    Max User Clipping Planes: 0
    Max Active Hardware Lights: 8
    Max Texture Blending Stages: 8
    Textures In Single Pass: 2
    Vertex Shader Version: 1.1
    Pixel Shader Version: N/A
    Max Vertex Blend Matrices: 0
    Max Texture Coordinates: 8

    Your video card isnt very good...

    im not sure if that is the whole problem tho...


      try to do a benchmark with the openGL render, maybe you get better fps.


        First off I'd put the focus on the gfx card. I'd say that's the most likely thing that's holding it back, since there's not a huge difference between fly by and bot match.

        For comparison I get roughly 120 fly by and 45 botmatch with an athlon XP 1700+ (clocks at about 1480MHz) and a Geforce4 Ti4200. A Geforce 4 MX is really about equivalent to a higher end Geforce2 in power with some extra extensions that go with the geforce4 series but not much.

        Other than that, the fact that the processor is a Duron will make a bit of difference but the gfx card is the main thing I would think.


          i would have to say your Duron chip dont help much.
          (not very good chips imho)

          I did have a p4 1.7 and same card and memory and got 72 flyby and something like 38 botmatch.
          (somewhere around that with rez,1024,and everything on medium i think)

          now i have a p4 2.4gig with a ti4200 card i get.

          140 flyby
          56 botmatch
          rez at 1024,everything on high
          (sometimes it does go higher but not by much)

          Nothing overclocked though.


            I'm pretty sure it's the video card. It's pretty bad.


              I dont know why it identifies a duron. I bought and AMD Athlon CPU 2400+ MHz. Someone got me my video card, and It was a lot better than my old crappy Geforce2. My warranty is still good on both pieces of hardware... Has Fries ripped me off ang got me a sh*tty duron? Iether that, or I picked up the wrong box.



                Uh AMD Athlon CPU 2400+ doesn't mean 2.4 ghz. Usually 2400+ is clocked at 1900-2000 mhz. This isnt intel bud . Also ur video card sucks really badly, buy a 9600 pro.


                  doh... that program i used to see my specs didnt updae my cpu. Its really 2.4+ (2.0) Ghz, and its really and Athlon. Next thing to buy after Ut2k4: Better vid card.


                    I say it's a bit of both. I had an XP1800 with GF2 GTS and I was getting similar (very poor) performance. Then I upgraded the video card to a R9700-Pro (still the same cpu). My framerates improved a whole lot, but the game feels like it's lagging all the time and it gets choppy at times (framerates still look fine but it sure doesn't play fine). The more players in and the better they are, the worse the "lag" and chop gets.

                    I gave up trying to play 1v1 against anyone really good because the "lag" makes it nearly impossible for me to get the first hit in and in 1v1 if a good player allways gets the first hit in he'll win easily. In FFA/TDM I usually do very well on most maps as long as there's nobody really good in and no more than about 5 or 6 players in total... Make it 8 players, it get's so bad I can't hit a thing anymore and players who were lucky to kill me at all with fewer players in start killing me more often than I'm killing them.