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Servel stuff :o

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    Servel stuff :o


    Few things i want to talk about :

    1) Is it just me , or someone else also is thinking how stupid is that the new loading screen in UT2004 that was shown in the lan test of pro u with malcolm holding the old model of the link gun ?
    I don't know why but i got mad stupid me :<

    2) When i see the first pic of the new ut2004 menu i said to my self if it will be animated it will be awsome ! And in the same vid they show the amazing new menu with animation like i dreamed it :> GG Epic i loved it very much the bottuns and the lower left pictures are boath animated yay

    3) someone else noticed how much dm-rankin is so ut99 style like ? Epic realy tries with AS and everything that was good in the ut99 and ut2003 and ONS in ut2004 to bring back the ut99 players :| It's like they took everything good from ut99 and ut2003 combined it togather and added cool stuff + ONS .
    I think it's a very good thing , like pc zone said it will be the best yet.

    again GG epic :up:


    someone knows where to find cool animated gif avatars in size 100*100 ? 10x

    Re: Servel stuff

    Actualy rankin does remind me a bit of UT1, a bit like deck in a way anbd also some other map i cant quite put my finger on.


      I don't know how rankin is, cause I don't have teh demo. Cheating laners.

      WWAAAAAAA!!! I wanna pwaaay....:down::cry:


        DM-Rankin gives a kind of fresh industrial vibe off. Sort of like what I thought when I first played DM-Malevolence from one of the UT bonus packs. Not that I'm saying that Malevolence and Rankin are in the same style mind.


          I hope they make a malevolence *remake* that was the greatest map.:up: