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Making a community movie, want to be apart of it? See inside.

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    For choreographed moves, such as the ones your talking about, a 3rd person POV might be best for some of those scenes.

    Supposedly there will be a crosshair for 3rd person in UT2004 (God I hope that'd be awesome) which might enable you to pull off even sweeter manuevers considering the person will be able to know if hes doing the stunt right or not.


      Yep, good suggestion!

      Most of the movie will be using UT2k4.

      If you have ideas tell me!

      Sounds good I will contact you.


        I'd enjoy doing this, but I lack teamspeak, and a mic.


          Originally posted by Cythes
          Seal Clubber what do you need to see?
          See the UT2004 demo!


            I'll be in for some shield whorage, and I can write you some good music too =D


              if it really wont take me much of my time i can contribute with ideas and coordinated playing..


                I'm stuck out of the city limits where all we can get is 56k, but I'd be willing to be one of the guys who just gets killed alot. Let me know if it could work out.


                  Alright here is the scoop.

                  To everyone that wants to be apart of this and posted up here I need all of your help so your all in it.

                  I figured we could do something with 56kers since you guys are apart of the community too.

                  Here is the mildly bad news though.
                  This will be started (the recordings) once UT2k4 comes out. So everyone should have it. For now while we are waiting for it I will need ideas from you all on what would be cool in the movie. PM me or arrange a time when we can meet if you want to discuss it in private, or just fire it out there and see what other people think about it.

                  The amount of suggestions and possibilities for skits so far has warranted that if this goes well a series could be in the works.

                  If you have maps that you want to show off or mutators give me permission to show them in the movie and there is a good chance your creation will be featured!


                    Hey here's an idea! Create an IRC channel on ETG, most people use IRC and for those who don't its an easy download and setup.

                    Could be just the fix for getting as many of us together to discuss this.


                      :haha: QUOTE:
                      This movie will take time. This is not some poorly edited hack, so it will take at least 6 months (starting march 1st). .......

                      your jokin right? in 6 months this "community" will not exist so your makin a movie for your mama ...

                      hahaahaa six months!!!???!!buhahahahaa:haha: :haha: :haha:
                      two weaks


                        Originally posted by MUTATOR
                        hahaahaa six months!!!???!!buhahahahaa:haha: :haha: :haha:
                        two weaks
                        what a shitcake...


                          Mutator thats pretty funny. But yeah I think that we will have a community around here that will stay around for a while. If you want in that would be cool. I need some forum spammers and flamers. PM me if you can.


                          Taking corrupted advice there will be an IRC this weekend. I will post the whereabouts channel and other such essential info here later this week.