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Making a community movie, want to be apart of it? See inside.

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    Making a community movie, want to be apart of it? See inside.

    Yes I am making a movie that will be by the community and for the community.
    This is not going to be a frag video (well not most of it). It will be more like Attack the Alpha, The Small Movie of Spam, and Feel Unreal 2.

    I already have a few people with me but more would be great.

    Here is what I'm looking for in participants:

    You do not have to have uber skills to be in this but basic knowledge of all the weapons functions and all the moves are required.

    The scenes in this movie require excessive amounts of coordination. So you must have teamspeak 2 and a microphone (and know how to actually find a server and get on it).

    This movie will take time. This is not some poorly edited hack, so it will take at least 6 months (starting march 1st). This month is scouting and brainstorming.

    This will not eat up all your time, just warning you.

    Make sure that you buy Unreal Tournament 2004 when it comes out.

    I will need people with prior experience in making UT2k3 movies for advice and suggestions.

    Someone who can make maps.

    Someone who has knowledge of how to make mutators.

    An Admin (already have a dedicated up and running).

    This will have voice recording so if you think you can act then we're looking for you.


    This is for fun and will not be for profit, a good attitude is a +

    If you have any suggestions that you think would be amusing post it here, I am open to suggestions.

    This will be great if I can have the communities support.

    Interested then PM me.

    Since I know next to nothing about UT2k3 movies I will need all the help I can get.

    Well if u need some experienced instagib players?


      This is going to be all about the community and its every facet. So yes I do!

      Suggestions on what you guys want to see in this movie would be nice. I am not really sure what to do about instagib besides trick jumps and frags.


        If you won't be doing this until ut2004 I would be willing to participate. I currently don't have ut2003 installed (had to format, lost CD-key, you know the dirll) so I am waiting for ut2k4.

        I guess I am curious as to how long this would end up being? I consider myself to be a good ut2k3 player, know all the moves, weapon, etc...

        E-mail is if you don't want to give too many details out here.

        *edit* I'm not a map maker, admin, texture guy, just a player. ehe


          Sounds good, I try and contact you ASAP

          My AIM is Cyth3s, I could be on.


            I can whip up mutes for you and if you dont get anyone else to do it i'l work on maps as well.


              I am an IG player, but I have no problems playing with a weapon!

              Me: playing the part of "Dodo the mute!"

              Gotta see first, nothing is guarenteed with me, ill PM ya if im seriously interested.


                Originally posted by FireCrack
                I can whip up mutes for you and if you dont get anyone else to do it i'l work on maps as well.
                FireCrack thanks alot.
                Mutes are an essential part of this. For one I think making a mut for disabling shield self damage and fall damage would be great as scenes require a good deal of practice (gets rid of the respawn, die, respawn etc).

                Seal Clubber what do you need to see?

                More people willing to help from the community the better!

                this can be huge if it works out.


                  Ooooooo! This sounds like it will be fun

                  Dunnow what I could do to help making it though... =/


                    sure thing i'll be in


                      Ya cant edit my post anymore...

                      Anyways, I'd be willing to do whatever I guess for the movie. I am home from school around 4:15'ish on weekdays and home all day on weekends pretty much...

                      If you don't need me, i'll just hate you the rest of my life and hunt you down in ut2k4...No I won't I swear.


                        hmmmm..... this might be interesting........

                        .............ohhh........ I know!!!! I can be the fodder that gets blasted!!! :up: :bulb:


                          Hey cool, sign me up, I can do cool jumps and some awesome comboes/goop shots, plus ive made a couple short 2k3 movies myself, so i can help there too some. Hit the email link in my sig to contact me.


                            I'd be willing to help, I've made a UT2K3 frag movie, not released on here because of my server's bandwidth limits. So I could help a little there. If your using Premier that is. Just use my email in my profile to contact me.


                              More people willing to help from the community the better!

                              this can be huge if it works out.

                              Here are the sections that I think should be included:

                              Ownage kills

                              Stupid trick jumps (see small movie of spam to get the idea)

                              Good trickjumps

                              idiots doing stupid tricks

                              Redeemer tag(trust me this will be hilarious)

                              SGA (fictional clan of dumbasses)


                              The OMFG WTH THAT WAS PLANNED (luckshots section)

                              I'll try and contact you all with my E-mail and give you guys heads up on when we start. but for now if you don't know how you can help suggestions are always a plus.
                              Sailor Saturn thanks alot. I'll get back to you all by tommorrow at the latest.

                              And yes we do need cannon fodder!

                              More people the better. If you know anyone who would be interested post this up in other forums and have them PM me or email me.