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UT GOTY Updates/Patches

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    UT GOTY Updates/Patches

    I know it is out-dated, but it is still just as fun, and does not require as many system resources.

    I purchased "Totally Unreal" a long time ago, and it includes Unreal Tournament (UT) Game of the Year (GOTY) edition as well as Unreal Gold and some first looks at Unreal Championship and Unreal II.

    The only game I ever loaded and really played is UT GOTY.

    I remember it being a lot easier to find updates and patches for UT GOTY, but now you really have to search for them on the Internet.

    Yes, I will eventually spend the money to get the latest version of UT, but that also means I will probably have to buy a new "gaming" computer.

    So, here is my questions:

    1) What and where are the updates and patches for UT GOTY?

    2) Are there any free upgrades to get UT GOTY to a later version (i.e., UT3)?

    3) Is it worth spending the money to purchase UT 2003 or 2004?



    1) UTPatch436

    2) No, or at least not that I am aware of.

    3) That would be a matter of opinion, not everyone who like G.O.T.Y likes UT2004 and vice versa. It would be wise to try the demo maybe, heres a link to it UT2004 Demo

    Hope this is helpfull.


      -> downloads

      Dont buy ut2003, buy ut2004.
      UT3 is worth to buy, but hardly someone is playing it online, due many reasons. You will only find 2-3 servers online with noob players on it with decent ping. Thats a shame!!!