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    New Dm server

    Oh my, I put up a new DM server. has some old classics ut99, standard maps, and some of the best user created maps made. It's in Newark(NewJersey). Supposed to be Montrial, but oh well I guess.

    If some one would ever answer my other thread in Server Administration, I'd enable the Comp skins for Dm.

    I made a fly threw video, has cool music with hidden messages for my buds, you know who u are...Bullet with your name on it, take it to the curb, some others .....

    {{Server Has moved IP in Video no longer Valid, I moved it to Atlanta, hoping to Attracked some epic peeps,} I may move it again who knows}}

    Video Removed_________________________________

    Ps. video is marked adult for a reason so if you under 18 you know what not to do......

    i live next to newark nj , can you tell me where you got the server at?


      I can not believe ur the only 1 that even looked in this thread, yikes!

      Gameservers. Order a server in Montrial if u want Newark, lol.

      I Liked your Vctf server back in the day, was fun. The server greating with the girls voice was great.


        Server Closed due to not being able to play for more than 5 minutes myself , basically.