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Suggestions for next build of UT2003/04

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    Suggestions for next build of UT2003/04

    I have a couple of suggestions for things I would like to see in the next build of UT2003/04....

    the Team Balance feature is good, however I think it would be nice (and I think most players would agree) that bots be ignored when adding players to the teams evenly. What happens now is on a server with a 10 player minimum, you could end up with 4 human players and 2 bot on blue, and 5 bots on red. It would be nice if UT2k3/4 could put 2 human on each team FIRST, then balance out the teams with bots.... It think this may have something to do with some players coming into the game after a certain point. Perhaps UT should force a new player coming in to join a certain team if it's "bot heavy" compared to the other? Just a thought....

    Also, it might be nice if the teams become uneven, and you switch teams to balance them, you would not be penalized with by subtracting a frag due to the suicide. Perhap UT2k3/4 could check to see in the team you are switching to has 2 fewer players before subtracting 1 from you score? Again, just a thought?

    Anyone else have an opinion?

    i'd have to say bot, i always noticed the game not counting bots while balancing though.