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HELP!! I can not put AMMOS

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    HELP!! I can not put AMMOS


    I use Actor Classes>Pickup>Ammo>UTAmmoPickup>... section.
    Only i can put ShockAmmoPickup and SniperAmmoPickup.
    I can not put the other ammos.

    Can you help me?

    Slow down, speed freak.
    First, I think you have the wrong forum for this question. It appears you're asking about UnrealEd then, there's a level editing forum for that.
    Second, how are you placing the ammo?
    Placing ammo in any of the 2d views is usually a bad idea. You should click on the floor in the 3d view and add the ammo there.


      Sorry but i have already written in Level editing yesterday and then today i added the same post in this forum.

      I'm using 3D view in UnrealED.
      Also i'm familiar to 3D softwares.
      The problem comes from UnrealED or anything that i dont know, i think.
      Because, i can put the 2 different ammos (Shock and SniperAmmo) or health packages, armors, etc. Only the other ammos couldnt be used in map.

      Also today i tried in my 2 different friend's computers which has UED. Where is the wrong, i didnt understand.



        maybe you are trying to place them too close to an edge.
        try placing them AWAY from the area you want them.. and move them later.
        UED will tell you if it's too close to an edge when you rebuild.