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OT: Omegas Vs DNA Drivers

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    OT: Omegas Vs DNA Drivers

    Look at the Ut2003 benches not a bad mark for DNA

    DNA ? Never heard of them. Where can i download them ?


      Re: OT: Omegas Vs DNA Drivers

      Originally posted by SSHAwk

      Look at the Ut2003 benches not a bad mark for DNA
      LOL ... look at the *scale* of the graphics.

      3 fps at a total of 60 gives < 5% disadvantage.
      the flyby gives a maximum disadvantage of 5 @ 200 fps => < 2.5%

      Omega are just a few registry-tweaks for the Catalysts.
      They even have a bit of official techsupport from Ati to assist them ...

      DNA is an attempt to do the same by a bunch of amateurs trying to do the same thing ...
      Given that they didn't touch the drivers themselves it's not that strange that the benchmarks are identical to the official drivers.


        nice sogar in deutsch
        looks like the normal catalyst scored best in ut2003 with the testsystem-_-


          I just updated my driver last night to the ati 4.1
          I went into the yellow on my fps counter
          Then I updated them to the omega 4.1
          much better,it run 6xaa like the ati driver runs 4xaa
          overall higher fps too
          havent heard of dna so Im not gonna try them,omega I have been using for years:up: