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    UT2004 tends to be very hitscan (instant-hit) dominant in its default state.

    Any projectile will require you to lead your shot, so:
    AR alt, BioRfile, Shock Alt, Link Primary, Rockets, Flak, Spider Mines, Grenades, AVRiL, Redeemer.

    Instant-hit weapons are:
    AR Primary, Shock Primary, Minigun, Sniper, Lightning Gun, Link Alt (though with a limited range),

    You'll generally be able to tell; there aren't really any attacks that are deceiving along these lines.

    Far as I know, auto-center/auto-slope is only good if you're aiming with the keyboard instead of the mouse.

    I use the arrow keys, with jump at Shift. crouch at rt Ctrl, and enter vehicle at \, but most people use the standard WASD controls.

    As for the best crosshair, you'll have to decide that yourself, I think.

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  • started a topic Aiming


    Another query I have is with aiming -
    My aim is quite good (if I say so myself) but playing online people are so accurate that you have to be yourself to be able to put up a fight. I’m noticing if you have good accuracy you can dominate a map with lightning gun and shock rifle.

    Is there any hints?
    What’s the best ‘pointer’ to have on display for each weapon?
    Is the 'auto-centre/slope' option worth selecting?
    What weapons require direct aim on the opponent?
    What weapons require aiming ahead of where your opponent is walking to?
    Good keyboard layout?