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    wall jump / ramp jumps


    I'm new to UT and finally got used to dodge jump

    Are there any other tricks for dodging / jumping?

    Wall jump -
    How do you pull off the wall jump?
    Is it possible to jump off one wall into another and then off that wall?
    Is there tricks or good methods of ensuring that you can pull off a wall jump?

    Maps with ramps -
    How do you get up them? Further more upon watching other players I notice some do it quick/slick and others slow, how do you get to be consistent with them?

    much appreciated if any could help out.


    Wall-dodging is just a matter of dodging away from the wall you're against while in the air. If the wall's to the right, dodge left while against it. Time it carefully, falling too fast may prevent it from working correctly, and the dodge will always have an upward boost to it, so you might bump your head on something when you wanted to go sideways.

    Dodge-ramps are used by dodging or dodge-jumping against them, such that you slide up them. Rankin is a good place to practice this.

    Double-jump, and Dodge-jump are done by hitting jump near the peak of another jump or dodge.

    Shield-jumping is a slightly complicated maneuver of charging the shield gun primary, aiming down and releasing just as you jump. The impact will give you an extra boost. Shield-jumping and shield-dodging is a good way to clear large portions of level.

    Lift-jumping is done by jumping as the lift nears the top of its ride, such that the lift's momentum throws you high into the air. Combined with Shield-jumping, you can potentially reach insane heights.

    Chimneying (climbing by jumping from wall to wall) isn't possible in 2k4, as you only get one consecutive dodge and one extra jump.
    UC2 has an expanded mobility system that does allow for chimneying, however. There are a few custom mutators that eliminate the dodge limits, which allows for chimneying if you can find a place to perform it.


      thanks for your reply.
      I shall start practicing the wall-dodging first, hopefully move onto dodge-ramp and shield-jump later on.


        Jump on a trials server and after a while it'll all become pretty natural.

        There are many little variations on all the jumps, and even the basics can be constantly worked on for timing.


          Originally posted by durlsey View Post
          Jump on a trials server and after a while it'll all become pretty natural.

          There are many little variations on all the jumps, and even the basics can be constantly worked on for timing.
          Do you happen to know where can I aquire Trial map's to play offline?


            Not that I can think of. I'm sure a search for '2k4 trials maps' or 'trials map pack' will come up with something.

            I've seen a few packs before. Otherwise just download them from a server and copy them from the cache.

            Some maps are much harder than others, so you might want to start with an easy one so you don't get frustrated.


              here is a link to the most trials maps you will find compiled on the internet.



                there is also the dodge-shieldgun jump

                its performed by dodging while aiming the charged shield gun at the floor in the direction you are dodging away from and releasing as soon as you dodge. you can gain even higher altitude at the peak of the maneuver by hitting the jump button again.


                  There are multiple jumps that can be accomplished in UT2004.

                  Dodge - Tap Your Movement Key (Up Up, WW, etc..)

                  Double Jump
                  - Tap The Space Bar Twice

                  Wall Dodge - While next to a wall, tap the movement key that is the opposite direction of the wall.

                  Super Jump - This is an advanced version of the usual dodge. Just tap your movement key twice and press the space bar after. So it should look like WW Space or Up Up Space. This jump can also be used for super jumping to the right, left or down.

                  Super Wall Jump
                  - This is an advanced version of the usual Wall Dodge. While next to the wall just tap your movement key in the opposite direction of the wall and press space bar, much like the super dodge.

                  Running Side Jump - This is an advanced version of the Super jump and the quickest way to get around on foot without and weapons. Just hold down you up key or W and do the super jump with the side arrows. You might want to adjust your view with your mouse so you will be able to go straight.
                  So it should look like this: *Holding W or Up* DD Space or Right Right Space.

                  Shield Jump - A Shield jump is a way to jump higher when needed and is most commonly used in Trials. Just charge up your shield gun to the appropriate extent of the jump and do a double jump and as soon at you hit the space bar twice you blast your shield gun at the wall.
                  A shield jump can also help you obtain a farther wall jump but aiming it at the ground and boosting yourself up so you can go farther with the Wall Jump.

                  Backwards Shield Gun Wall Jump - While it does sound complicated it isn't as bad as it sounds. Just move yourself to the edge while backwards and charging up your shield gun and take a few steps forward then take the same amount backwards and blast your Shield Gun at the edge and then do a wall dodge. It is most effective if you adjust your angle so you wont go flying off to the side.

                  Shield Gun Running Side Jump - This may not be a well explanation so if anyone wants to correct me feel free to. To do this jump you want to charge your shield gun and while you are doing the running side you want to blast your shield gun in the right angle so that you will fly the way you want to go.


                    Originally posted by (TFO)hockeyplaya View Post

                    Super Jump
                    Dodge Jump* not "Super jump". you dodge then jump no need to make it more complicated then it is.