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Torlan still?

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    Torlan still?

    I noticed the UT2004 ONS servers are almost all playing Torlan still (even more now than before). Is Torlan just that good, or are the other maps just that old?

    Haven't played ONS in a while, but I've done more than my share of time in Torlan, from back in the demo days, and well into actual release time (until Battlefield 2 came out). Love Primeval and Frostbite as well, but those don't get all that much attention anymore.

    No, there are tons of GREAT custom maps out there, and some of the other stock maps are even better than Torlan imo, yet Torlan gets played because:

    a. it's one of 2 demo maps, with better gameplay than Primeval
    b. demo servers don't have cheat protection
    c. people are afraid to play on maps they're not familiar with
    d. the only servers running full rotations have terrible lag, 32 slots or both (cause and effect sort of thing)
    e. even more servers running the good maps keep the server full of bots that show up as "real" players, not only do servers full of bots suck to begin with, but on top of that, now they spam garbage they're programmed to say in order to fool you, but only succeed in insulting anyone with a brain...
    f. server admins are not active nowadays, they just set up their servers and leave them and don't add good maps or even include mapvote, more often than not I see them use a rotation that makes it too predictable and often invites the same trolls to return when they know a map they know all the tricks on is about to be played.

    I could go on really..