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Need help with german UT04 blood patch

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    Need help with german UT04 blood patch

    I have the german version of UT04.
    I was looking for a blood/uncut patch on the net and also found one but it doesn't work.
    The instructions are as followed:

    This is the Blood-Patch for the german UT2004 Retailversion.
    You got to switch to English version by opening the UT2004.ini:
    Search the line
    Replace it with
    Save the file.
    And copy the Engine.dll in this package to your UT004\System - Directory.
    And now you can in-game setup the following:
    Settings -> Game -> Gore -> Full Gore

    Changing Language=det to Language=int in the UT2004.ini file worked.
    But copying the new engine.dll file in the UT004\System - Directory does not work. When I try to start the game then it always says that something is wrong with the core.dll file!

    When I re-install the old engine.dll file then the game runs again and this time it's in English (most likely simply due to changing language=det to language=int) and I can also adjust "full gore" but it's still a joke! There is a little bit of blood but you cannot dissect the corpses. There is no meat, nothing.
    Is this really all which UT04 has to offer? Or is there a real uncut patch out there which also works? I have no idea why the blood patch which I downloaded does not work. I downloaded it from different sites and it's always the same. I can't start to game when I use the new engine.dll file which is included in the blood patch zip file.

    What's also odd is that I can play the game without DVD!
    It's a bought game and I have no "no cd" patch but it still runs without dvd.