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    Outstanding Gaming Moments

    As were all sat here waiting to be wowed with ut2k4 I thought about other gaming moments that really make you sit up and listen...

    Here a couple of mine,

    First hearing digitised speech in Impossible Mission, this was either the Spectrum or C64 (I cant remember) but I do rememeber the 'Stay awhile, stay forever.........' and 'Kill him my robots'

    The t-rex in tomb raider, you can slate the tomb raider games but this was a classic moment in gaming history and tomb raider (1 or 2) was the game that made me buy my first 3d graphics card (a 4mb voodoo1 for £100.00ish)/

    Getting rated as Elite in Elite (which took a bleedin long time )

    and of course looking over the edge of the cliff on the first level of Unreal (vortex rikers) and seeing the waterfall (at about 1 fps on my p200 )

    lets here yours and remember those good old games


    When I crapped my pants and scored in CTF


      One that pops in my head atm : Long time ago on the snes while playing Killer Instinct.
      I was playing with Spinal against the end boss Eyedol and landed an ultra combo on his *** for the first time.
      And the announcer yelling : "ULTRA "(echoes on ) Supreme victory !! PERFECT !! (when the announcer yelled ULTRA i got goosebumps of joy )

      lol ill post some others later


        When I first completed the UT single player campaign (i think it was on masterful skill at the time) on my first try against xan. He was a good shot but still predictable :P Still got the adrenaline pumping though.

        I suppose completeing most games gives me a fair amount of satisfaction.

        Other than that kindd of thing, pulling off some amazing but also vital frags/last second flag saves etc etc in clan matches gives me the same kind of satisfaction that gets the adrenaline pumping.

        [Sudden thought] Beating the Cyberdemon at the end of episode 2 of the original doom. That was fantastic. It's easy now that I know that strafing exists lol :bulb:


          Re: Outstanding Gaming Moments

          Originally posted by Impy
          and of course looking over the edge of the cliff on the first level of Unreal (vortex rikers) and seeing the waterfall (at about 1 fps on my p200 )
          Hehe. I remember Unreal 1 all too well. For me, that was the best FPS experience ever. Mainly due to it being my first FPS experience.

          I had a p166 oCed to 200Mhz . It ran at about 15-30 FPS. But its soo long ago I cant remember . I loved that bit near the beginning when you see the Skaarj for the first time and it runs away. I was really shocked! I took every step real slowly! Infact, I was using only keyboard. No mouse :haha: .

          Hmm other experiences....lets see. Well when I look back at UT1, the memories I have are great. Its just that feeling you got when playing Unreal. Its unbeatable.

          I've had many other gaming moments, but I'm too lazy to post em all.

          EDIT: My most recent moment was on a U2:XMP demo server lol. I just love stealing those artifacts!!! I feel so mighty since I'm nearly always the team's hero . I even feel it!!!
          This game was really heated up and the players were fairly skilled. To rub it in, the game was lagging....but I love that rush when your running away, hoping no one sees ya.
          I believe the last words I posted at the end of the match were:
          "F*CKING BOW DOWN!"



            First time I saw mode7 on the super nes. First time I saw rain in Zelda 3. I remember thinking graphics just couldn't get any better lol...


              Oh yeah, and that digitized pit fighter game and it's crappy collision detection.


                Wow. Just checked your sig C+R Combo.
                That looks to be shaping into a great SP mod! :up:

                Nice work dude! Keep it up.


                  When the dogs jump out for the first time in Resident Evil 1. The ending of that game was also pretty intense.

                  The end of disc 1 in FF7.

                  Seeing Sephiroth's Super-Nova summon in FF7.

                  When the world 'ends' in FF6.

                  The dinosaur in Tomb Raider.

                  The overall atmosphere of Silent Hill 1.

                  Playing Doom for the first time.


                    Ah, the good old doom days.

                    I would say it was when I won a tournament for the first time and got cash.