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    Need help finding package

    I've got a map that I can't get running because of missing packages, and I can't get ahold of the author.

    The map is "CTF-Sniper_Zone" by Alexander "Scar" Nizamov, was uploaded to Mapraider and as far as I can tell wasn't distributed anywhere else.

    The missing packages look like they might be textures and such from Half-Life or Halo judging from the HL and HL2 in the filenames. I thought the packages were the author's own, but then I found one of them on another site and mirrored it on FileFront.

    Any help in finding the (hopefully last) remaining one is greatly appreciated:

    post a download link to this map. I can probably fix it. I can take that package out of the map. from the looks of the pics you posted it doesn't look like you need this package anyway. By the way, I can't find this map at map raider anyways. and it is not on

    MAP WEBSITES - With thumbnails

    1.) MAP RAIDER -
    3.) NAILY CITY -
    4.) UT ZONE -


      You couldn't find it on Mapraider because it's sitting in the approval queue until I figure out this package issue

      In any case, I've sent you a PM with a temporary link to download the map. Hopefully you can fix it without removing texturing. Let me know if it's not possible to fix without altering the map. And MANY thanks for your help!