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    post your UT 2004 Advertisement

    Advertisement can be so beautiful, particularly if one waits for the publication of a game. Hahahaha
    Yes, lets talk about ut2004 advertisement which one everywhere can find .
    Today I would like to start a small call here
    and on UnrealBase to post all your ad stuff what you find

    here from me: (more on UnrealBase )

    Well, I have a commercial for it:

    (Some Kids are playing Quake 3 on thier comp)

    Kids: "Man this is boring, I wanna play somthing else"

    (Santa bust through the door in a tricked out sleigh)

    Santa: "Well, stuff this in your stockings, Biotche!!1!"

    (Santa jams UT2004 in thier comp)

    (you hear loud explosions, crashes and gun fire)

    Kids: "Wow, this is great and all I did was enter my name!"

    Santa: "That's it, tell your parents to buy you UT2004 or go to Hell!"

    EDIT: got that from the Simpson episode(a la Bonestorm)