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oh SHOOT...HELP, Floppy disc problem!

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    oh SHOOT...HELP, Floppy disc problem!

    OK, Mom's PC was REALLY slowing down, so I formatted it. I made backups of everything, including the only quicken I could find onto CD.

    Quicken also backs up onto TWO SEPERATE flopies.

    format done. goto get quicken data from the CD...ok, somehow TWO versions of quicken were installed, and I got the wrong one. no data there. OK, two floppies have the data.

    Floppy #1: Reads fine, but apparently quicken NEVER backed up onto it. there is no quicken data. Werider still, there are two photos on it, I formatted that disc before giving it to mom to use for quicken, and mom keeps the quicken disc in a special place so it is only used for quicken.

    Floppy #2: has the quicken data files, four of them one has the data we need. the other three copy fine. the one we NEED gets about 95% done, and just...quits reading. floppy is wirring and whining, but it cannot read that last few bytes!!!

    so, is there ANY WAY to get that file?!?

    HELP!!! Thats five YEARS of quicken data on that file, and it's the ONLY BACKUP that worked!