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    I don't know what difficulty level you play on, but in any event i can give you a few pointers.

    First of all, you can't stop your fighter, it will allways move forward, except that you can manipulate the speed w/ the forward and backward buttons.

    The fighters have a few flaws, true, but are highly maneuverable:shift+d and shift+a will make your fighter rotate like a screw while moving. Handy if you have a foe that is at a weird angle in relation to you which makes it difficult to shoot accurately. This way you can adjust it so that it makes you aim easier.Waste as fewer shots as possible=the golden rule.

    If you are simply strafing left and right, without the shift key, it will make you a difficult target.Use sudden changes of direction whenever you hear that bip that says that someone has you locked in his sights and is ready to fire a rocket.If the opponent is directly in front of you, if he fires the rocket first, watch closely when he does, and make a sudden turn.You will lose him from your sight for a moment, but remember where he was, and punish him for his insolence. Even strafing while he is trying to torpede you will make most rockets miss you by a few inches.

    Adjust your in game mouse sensitivity to maximize accuracy.

    When you manage to get to the lower generator, if no one is behind you firing, slow down to your minimum and fire. When you get too close, you can make a u-turn, go to the begining of the entrance, turn again and continue firing. Use rockets too.Repeat if neccessary.You will be safer inside.same goes for top generators. Practise these maneuvers.

    Hope that helped a little.

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    ut2004 help

    Can someone give me some hints on how to beat the Skaarj mother ship. First, my fighter seems to go so much slower than all the others. I get killed so quickly at times I can't do anything. If I get to the lower sheild I can't stop my ship to shoot it out so I wind up running into it. It takes me most of the time to get inside and then I only have a minute or two take out the final objective. Any help would be greatly apreciated.