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    Depends on what sort of game you like to play, and this subject is extremely subjective. I'm into multiplayer RTS and FPS, which just so happens to be where the PC shines. However, I still have fond memories of Street Fighter 2 for my Super Nintendo and just recently a co-worker got me interested in Soul Calibur 2 for the Gamecube.

    PCs will always have superior hardware options, but it's up to the game engine developers to make all pan out. Consoles have an advantage in that the developer knows his target platform and can make optimizations accordingly. Virtua Fighter for the Sega Genesis is probably the best example I can come up with for this. The developers made this game run and well on the Genesis as it did in the arcade and was the best looking game for a pretty long time even when superior consoles (SNES) and PC hardware were on the market.

    For me, this argument boils down to the fact that I'm a PC junkie who has excellent hardware anyway, so there's not much of a point in putting down money for a TV and a console when I already have a good platform to run FPS and RTS games on. If I had a 40" plasma TV sitting around gathering dust, then I'd probably be inclined to spend another $100 to buy a Game Cube and play some fighting games on it.


      I have a rockin' gaming PC, and a PS2 as well. I enjoy them both. :up:


        I have a PS2 that gets used pretty much exclusively for playing DVDs these days, but that’s more to do with lack of time than dislike of consoles.

        Originally posted by [FSB]Med
        I have an XBOX and love it. It is Modded though (XECUTOR 2.2). I dont think Id like it so much if it was a bog standard box. I have it connected to my home LAN.....

        ....To me its a Home Entertainment system - Not just a games Console. A PC is a PC a Games console is just that. They are different beasts. I get what I want from both.
        Yeah I nearly got an Xbox to mod after I read about how good they could be for streaming music and vids etc…

        The next generation of consoles is already set to take advantage of the “living room media centre” role that so many people seem to want. Probably old news but did you see the new PSX that’s already on sale in Japan?


          i would buy an XBOX 2 if it has a keyboard and a mouse option



            Yes I prefer PC's


              Originally posted by Farting Bob
              Bought and Xbox, Gamecube and PS2 myself. Console is just (for me) meant for things that aren't playable on PC, and PC is more meant for shooters, games that needs lots of clicking like RTS games, RPG games (different than console).
              I bought (or my dad did) NES in wayyy back and i loved it. I bought SNES too. Ok these 2 consoles have kids games but does anyone recall that most of the most famous tittles of these days had their precessors on these consoles.

              Then i bought N64 and it rocked. truly. yes it's games can be childish, but only reason for this is that most of it's popular tittles were from japan and other developers were making games to PS1 because it was most popular console @ the time. Also Nintendo screwd up making this console... it was first suposed to be CD machine, but they decided to change it back to module console and thus losing few of the most famous game tittles to ps1 (FF VII was one of these that were on progress to N64 and it was too far finished to CD version when they heard N64 was going to be module machine so they make the game to ps1). Technically lot better than ps1 but....

              Next i had ps2 and now i have bought GC just to play Zelda and Mario ^^

              Well what comes to PC i've had it for a long time too... it is not a gaming machine... in gaming consoles>pc, but it is a FPS/point and click machine FPS/Strategy/RPG(not FF RPG)/Flight simulators PC>consoles. Only one crew has ever done successfull FPS on consoles and that is RARE (nowadays Free Radical) Golden Eye/Time Splitters.


                I used to be a console fan, now i would only buy new ones for major games, like Final Fantasy, or zelda, you know, big releases. I havnt bought a console game since UC came out, tho I would like to get around to getting Soul Valibur 2, a ps2, FF 10, x-2, and maybe some others like Zone of the Enders. For GC (i own gc, xbox, dc, n64, ps1, nes, snes) id get zelda wind waker and maybe mario sunshine, and for xbox id get U2, halo 2, doa volleyball, doa online (renamed to doa ultimate recently) and maybe a couple other games. For the most part tho, atm i dont touch my consoles, onyl time i play a console is at school during lunch, me and friends bring tv, gamecube, controllers, and smash bros melee, play for cash, fun as hell (im in HS)


                  the only consol Id ever buy is a PS2, due to the overwhelming amount of games you can play on it, most of them already in the bargan bin...

                  I spend alot of time on the PC. Most of it is communicating and expressing opinions. I play UT2k3 about 3hrs a night, and love the ability to edit and mute it to my hearts content. It brings longevity to it. You just cant do either of these things with an consol.

                  Way too limited.

                  $99 for the XBox will get me another stick of RAM, or other things for my PC. Then you add the fact that consols graphics are very limited as are teh TV screen you play them on so they will never look as good as a PC game.

                  I dont own the PS2, but I will get one when the price is right. My daughter will love it, and I might just dust off a few old games, but I can emulate it on the PC, just another reason....

                  :down: Consols...


                    Quality >>>> quantity!

                    For some people in here that bought a Cube .... today I perchased Viewtiful Joe .... I heard it was good, but it's AWESOME! Platform meets Beat 'em up! And it's HARD! Finally a another good Capcom game for the Cube!