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    Some common misconceptions:

    Consoles are alot cheaper than PCs.

    Either I shop at a different PC store than everyone else or you just don't know where to buy your PC parts, but for $2000 I have:

    Athlon 64 3200
    1 GB RAM
    120 GB HD
    Radeon 9800 Pro
    SB Audigy 2 ZS
    7.1 Speaker System
    20.1 inch LCD Flat Panel monitor
    Game pad

    Maybe not the top of the line machine, but as far as I know, this system is superior to every console currently out.

    Lets try to build a cheap home entertainment system now that can do everything the PC can.

    GC: $150
    20 " Flat Panel LCD Television: $1200
    DVD Player: $100
    Memory Card: $30

    Total cost: $1480

    Still cheaper by a little, but nowhere near the quality of a good PC System.

    Now, if you got a higher end television, those could range from $1500 up to $15000, but a console wouldn't look nearly as nice, just because of the lack of power. People think 640x480 resolution is awesome when its a console game, but most PC users scoff at that.

    As far as consoles being hacked less than PC games...
    Well, PC games have had warez since they were first introduced. I remember BBS's having cracked versions of C64 games back in the mid 80's. And consoles have mod chips. Now with more consoles having HD's, they're becoming just as cracked and buggy as PC games.

    The other problem is the lack of selection for consoles. The Game Cube is for little kids. I'm not talking about the games here, but the hardware. I'm on the taller side, to the point that the XBox controller is comfortable for my hands, whereas the GC controller is extremely ackward. I can't stand the GC controller at all, yet I don't get a choice. The buttons are tiny and ill positioned. I have to use my arcade stick to play GC games just because that feels so much more natural. Even the PS2 controller is small for me.

    And, as previously mentioned, any game that consoles have, will eventually be emulated on the PC.

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    Heh, the old "PC vs Console" argument

    Ive had my PC for 1 1/2 years and Ive had consoles since I was born.

    Before you read on, this is ALL IMO

    I like PC games due to the online aspect and the graphical capability.

    However, I have had lots of fun with console games and as far as classics go, I believe that despite the graphics, Perfect Dark and Goldeneye are still one of, if not THE best FPS games availible and if Perfect Dark 2 was released on the PC and it was as much as a classic as the origional, then I'd probably get it instead of UT2K4

    The disadvantage with PC's are the fact that you spend hundreds of pounds constantly upgrading them just to keep up with the latest games. Plus, PC's have tons of errors and games are hackable etc.

    Both PC's and consoles have pro's and cons and I believe that at the end of the day, it is individual preference on which one is better

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    Well I'm.....older....and I love the gamecube. Just bought one after Xmas and have found both the system and the games have exceeded my expectations.
    The little "kiddy" box suprised me with its graphic capabilities, short loading times and games with great difficulty and depth. Im playing Metroid Prime(stuck on the Phazon mines) and Resident Evil remake and find both games very deep in terms of gameplay content and strategy not to mention they both look as good as any PC game I have played. Especially RE where they have managed to mix prerendered photorealistic backgrounds with realisticaly rendered, smoothly animated characters. In turn the game IMO becomes the most realistic creepy horror game I have ever played. And I still have to try out Eternal Drakness.
    Metroid prime is a great adventure/shooter game in the classic sense with alot of jumping exploring and the best bosses I have ever seen and played but set in an up to date beautiful 3D world played from the FP perspective. I used to hate bosses and usually still do, but they are amazing and fun to play in this game.
    The problem is not which game to play but which great game not to play because there are so many and I'm finding the games I have played so far have longer play than the PC games I was playing. And yes I am looking forward to playing some "kiddy" games like Zelda, BG&E, POP, Mario, MGS:twin snakes,007 etc.
    Dont be fooled by a games style and presentation to deside if it's a "kiddy" game".
    Anyway needless to say I'm impressed and hooked. I originally bought the gamecube to substitute my PC gaming but the games are so consistently fun and high quality that I see myself only playing PC games for big exclusive titles like HL2 and Doom3, UT2004 for example. I even find myself now looking for info on the next consoles.
    Moral of the story, if you havent console gamed in awhile try it before you judge. I originally thought I would be missing out on something by going to console from PC. I guess it was hard to give up the "have to have THE most cutting edge graphics" mindset" but it's been replaced by the idea that now my gaming is about the software, as it should be and not an endless obsession over the hardware. It's very liberating.

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    Originally posted by comb0KING
    you must be 15-18 and insecure with your age.. I'm 22 and find the gamecube extremely entertaining... and the longevity in playing is fabulous.

    i love playing game cube when i'm trashed drunk. it's easy... and yet more fun than any madden game. and doesn't require me to learn 10+ controls in a wasted-state of mind. but I'm with you, consoles for sports games only... FPS should be outlawed.

    Agreed. I dunno why you have to be 6 years old to like the gamecube, I'm 29 years old and my latest game for it is Billy Hatcher. But I play anything I like to play, so that's also the remake of Resident Evil and RE-Zero. But I guess some think gaming = blood and gore + a little gameplay. I just like games, don't care if they contain cartoony characters. I love cartoons anyway.

    Those consolewars are also pretty childish, but I guess people participating in that are childish. What GC games are better at, are party games you play on one TV, 4 player games. Either party games themselves, or games containing mini games like Monkey Ball. Nice arcade race games as Fzero, Mario Kart .... and one of the most unique Beat 'em ups, Smash Brothers Melee.

    Xbox is when you like to play on the internet, since I think they done a great job there.

    On the PS2 I play mostly arcade stuff, adventures stuff like that .... Devil may cry to start with, THE reason I bought that thing in the first place, and it's worth it for that alone .... for me that is. It also had a nice sequal to Drakan, I loved that game on PC, so I had to get that as well. And it rocks. Tomb Raider AoD may suck on PC, on PS2 it's awesome. Getting used to controls takes 30 minutes, sure it's not what it was like, and it could have been better, but I loved it!

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    Originally posted by pwnedism

    Consoles are for social gaming! :up:

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    Originally posted by cAm

    you=teh winnar.

    This is the most accurate rating I've seen yet.

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    you're not different.. you're straight... they are the crooked ones.

    remember, there is a reason a matrixed-FPS game like UT2k3 doesn't take off like a CS/BF/CoD. These same CS/BF/CoDers probably play a console as much as they sit on their thumb.

    Yes, I've played em all.... but my skills are evident across ANY game. Noobs tend to only show skill in a 'hold-button-down'.

    it's the killer noobie-factor that will wreck future PC games, except for the likes of Warcraft-type strats.


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    I LOVE MY XBOX!! :sour:

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    Sorry but I'm with KriLL3 on this one.

    Consoles just arent for me!
    I suck at console games, because I haven't use a game pad for so long .
    With PC games however...its a whole new ballgame. :up:

    All my friends think of me as "different" because I am anti-console.

    Console games feel so newbie!!!! Its like they are designed for the average moron to pick up and play. I hate that feeling.

    Also, PCs are WAAAAY superior. In all aspects. But consoles are the ones that get more buyers.

    I accept that one day EVERYONE will prefer consoles instead of pcs. But until they can gimme that "feel" which you get from PC games, Consoles suck .

    ALL IMHO. ^_^:up:

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    r Gamecube I'm not 10 yrs old any more their little children games!
    you must be 15-18 and insecure with your age.. I'm 22 and find the gamecube extremely entertaining... and the longevity in playing is fabulous.

    i love playing game cube when i'm trashed drunk. it's easy... and yet more fun than any madden game. and doesn't require me to learn 10+ controls in a wasted-state of mind. but I'm with you, consoles for sports games only... FPS should be outlawed.


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    N64 was my last console too! Goldeneye N64 was the best game for that whole system. But still pc's rule in graphics and sound and technology wise. Halo $ucks and so will halo 2! And for Gamecube I'm not 10 yrs old any more their little children games!

    Consoles are just user friendly, easy to configure and play games with no troubles. Thats the only good points i can think of. Oh their fighting games and sport games are good too.

    PC's have better everything i don't feel like explaining, you can just do so much more with a pc than a console system.

    UT2K4 wiLL owN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That X-Box will have a steady stream of games coming out for it, you will not have ANY compatibility problem,
    go tell that to the x:box players that had multiple freeze ups and errors when they played Deus Ex: IW on their console.



    yeah like a package deal.. cube + mario kart (the newest one (i dunno, i dont keep up w/ gamecube -- just played it this holiday when i was visiting a few friends in houston)).

    i love cubed's wireless remotes too.. and the controls are butter-in-your-hand. can't beat the klunky MS stuff.

    theres no doubt that x:box offers the most functionality, especially w/ the modded OS which I've installed on a friends x-box.

    but, nonetheless > i don't game hours on my PC and then game hours on a console. don't have that kind of time.


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    The art of fps (online is speacial) is full keyboard controll, and razorsharp mouse aiming! There is no way consoles could recreate that!
    But a friend of mine, who lives in miami (for from here :bulb: ) spend the xmas up north, and he brought mario kart with him! Man, 4up console mayhem on a 100" projection screen, chips, coke, poison american candy, and some good mates and mood... sorry guys, but I cant belive someone who say "consoles sux" have experienced that! :up:

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    PC rules teh world.

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    Bought and Xbox, Gamecube and PS2 myself. Console is just (for me) meant for things that aren't playable on PC, and PC is more meant for shooters, games that needs lots of clicking like RTS games, RPG games (different than console).

    I've tried a few demos of games that were ported from console to PC, and I never really liked them. Same visa versa, shooters on console are a joke to me. Rainbow Six 3 looks best, but it's adjusted for a console controler and takes away the strength of that game on PC.

    But that's just what I think. Everyone should play what on whatever they like to play it.

    As for the technical aspect .... who cares? For consoles you require on box, no choice in brands when you pick your console, brands of videocards etc.

    As for better control, that's just it. Games that are unplayable on PC, have a good console control and visa versa. And usre PC's hardware mayb be superior, but also LOTS and LOTS more expensive!

    Console brought me Metroid Prime and Devil May Cry, those games are the best games I ever played, single player that is .... and now I am highly awaiting Ninja Gaiden, probably a game that can be in that list too!

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