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    Originally posted by KriLL3
    you support terrorism if you buy an Xbox...

    PC > * > Console

    NFSU is better on the PC than on the gheibox gheicube or gheistation
    Keep your gheicomments to your gheiself


      No, PC isn't better than console, but that doesn't mean that console is better than PC.

      They're both good if done correctly.


        Originally posted by Dark_Spectre
        Keep your gheicomments to your gheiself
        he asked about ppls oppinions...

        well that's my oppinion... take it or leave it

        the last console i bought was a GBA waaay back (non sp version)

        i got a Sega MegaDrive/Genesis also... it's broken though




            I only ever bought an n64, but if i was tempted to buy a console it would definately be a cube.

            I think pcs and consoles both have various pros and cons.Consoles are much better than pcs for beat-em ups and instant gratification games (like mario kart),but is much worse for strategy and shoot-em ups.I don't own a console other than my '64 cos i don't have the money, but they are worth getting.


              I think the trend is changing - there was a time when the serious gamer played PC games and consoles were for the younger audience.

              These days - you can buy an XBox (or pick the console of your xhoice) and 3 games for the same price as the latest GFX Card... That X-Box will have a steady stream of games coming out for it, you will not have ANY compatibility problem, every game will be optimised for your haqrdware, and you will not need to upgrade it until the next generation console appears (which will still be 1/2 the price of the latest PC GFX card). In that time a PC gamer will usually have upgraded their GFX card twice, and replaced many other PC components.

              Most of the best games will appear on the console first, and later be ported over to the PC, a lot of good games never make the leap.

              The PC does have some great games coming out for it first (which will be ported to the console no doubt), and it does excel in network gaming.

              Console gaming is also more social - its easier and more fun to have 2/3 people on the sofa playing together on a big screen TV than to arrange a small LAN party.

              PC games are a easily pirated, where console games are a lot harder to copy, so devs are slowly moving to the more profitable platform.

              I think the future of gaming lies in consoles, not quite at the moment, but that is the direction we are going. The PC will be used for production (web-design, programming, modelling, etc) and media (MP3,XviD, etc), and as the main access point for the internet.

              This will be best all round - one machine for work and light entertainment, and a console for playing games. I will end up cheaper and more convenient in the long run (unless your a pirate and dont pay for your games, but I want to keep that out of this discussion).

              I dont currently own a console, but the volume and quality of console games has really gone up over the last couple of years - and I am at the point where I am seriously tempted to buy one.


                Brought a ps2 ages a few games for it, such as metal gear solid 2, ISS, GTA3, GT, but i aint used it in about 6-8 that was prolly only to play dvd's.

                Havent been too much of a console fan since i invested in pc's, and am frustrated at what is happening to the pc games market because of consoles (DE: Invisible War comes to mind).

                Having said that, x-box does look like a descent machine. Played project gotham racing on it ages back,...seemed like a fairly nice, fluid game...


                  PCs are superior to consoles in every single technical aspect. There is no question, there is no debate.

                  That said, consoles have a purpose. There are many games that I find more amusing on consoles then on PC. For example, I have madden 2003 for console and PC. I play the PC version when it's just me messing aroudn against the computer or in rare occasions online. But when the guys come over and we decide to play, I go for the console because it's located in the entertainment room, it's easy for multiple players to be involved, and have room to spread out. Even with my 21inch screen, it dosn't ahve anything on my big screen TV for size.

                  However, 95% of PC versions of games are better than their console siblings. The only exception to that is when a game is badly ported. Some games would be fine, but when a developer leaves the limititations of a console in a PC version that has no justifiable reason for those limits, it ruins the game. For example, I recently played a game that refused to allow you to redefine the controls on PC. There were 4 preset controls that matched very well with a console controller, but not so well mapped onto my PC controller.

                  I have an xbox, a PS2, and a PC. And I can say that my PC blows every console out of the water. But companies like M$ and Sony have put a lot of effort into crushing the PC gaming market by forcing companies to make games for their console and then port an inferior product onto PC (and other consoles).

                  But yes, your PC SHOULD be better in every aspect over your console. better gfx, better control, more options, and more variety in games (though perhaps not more selection)


                    Consoles main problem is that you have to buy 3 of em to keep up... :bulb:

                    Another sign of a true nerd(besides being a middle aged, overweight male virgin and having no friends except on the internet): You constantly argue how game x is better then game y, or how a PC is better then a console.
                    I think the main sign is trying to squize you missrable live over to somebody else at a internet forum... :weird:


                      Bought and Xbox, Gamecube and PS2 myself. Console is just (for me) meant for things that aren't playable on PC, and PC is more meant for shooters, games that needs lots of clicking like RTS games, RPG games (different than console).

                      I've tried a few demos of games that were ported from console to PC, and I never really liked them. Same visa versa, shooters on console are a joke to me. Rainbow Six 3 looks best, but it's adjusted for a console controler and takes away the strength of that game on PC.

                      But that's just what I think. Everyone should play what on whatever they like to play it.

                      As for the technical aspect .... who cares? For consoles you require on box, no choice in brands when you pick your console, brands of videocards etc.

                      As for better control, that's just it. Games that are unplayable on PC, have a good console control and visa versa. And usre PC's hardware mayb be superior, but also LOTS and LOTS more expensive!

                      Console brought me Metroid Prime and Devil May Cry, those games are the best games I ever played, single player that is .... and now I am highly awaiting Ninja Gaiden, probably a game that can be in that list too!


                        PC rules teh world.


                          The art of fps (online is speacial) is full keyboard controll, and razorsharp mouse aiming! There is no way consoles could recreate that!
                          But a friend of mine, who lives in miami (for from here :bulb: ) spend the xmas up north, and he brought mario kart with him! Man, 4up console mayhem on a 100" projection screen, chips, coke, poison american candy, and some good mates and mood... sorry guys, but I cant belive someone who say "consoles sux" have experienced that! :up:


                            That X-Box will have a steady stream of games coming out for it, you will not have ANY compatibility problem,
                            go tell that to the x:box players that had multiple freeze ups and errors when they played Deus Ex: IW on their console.



                            yeah like a package deal.. cube + mario kart (the newest one (i dunno, i dont keep up w/ gamecube -- just played it this holiday when i was visiting a few friends in houston)).

                            i love cubed's wireless remotes too.. and the controls are butter-in-your-hand. can't beat the klunky MS stuff.

                            theres no doubt that x:box offers the most functionality, especially w/ the modded OS which I've installed on a friends x-box.

                            but, nonetheless > i don't game hours on my PC and then game hours on a console. don't have that kind of time.



                              N64 was my last console too! Goldeneye N64 was the best game for that whole system. But still pc's rule in graphics and sound and technology wise. Halo $ucks and so will halo 2! And for Gamecube I'm not 10 yrs old any more their little children games!

                              Consoles are just user friendly, easy to configure and play games with no troubles. Thats the only good points i can think of. Oh their fighting games and sport games are good too.

                              PC's have better everything i don't feel like explaining, you can just do so much more with a pc than a console system.

                              UT2K4 wiLL owN!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                r Gamecube I'm not 10 yrs old any more their little children games!
                                you must be 15-18 and insecure with your age.. I'm 22 and find the gamecube extremely entertaining... and the longevity in playing is fabulous.

                                i love playing game cube when i'm trashed drunk. it's easy... and yet more fun than any madden game. and doesn't require me to learn 10+ controls in a wasted-state of mind. but I'm with you, consoles for sports games only... FPS should be outlawed.