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PC > Console?

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    PC > Console?

    I was dam close ot buying an Xbox recently for 2 main reasons:
    1. It was dam cheap (£135 for console, Project Gotham Racing 2, Splinter Cell, Midtown Madness 3, XIII & 2month Xbox Live trial)
    2. I want to be able to play some of the new titles THIS YEAR without having to wait till Microsoft's franchise means that they can be released on the PC (i.e. Halo 2)

    In the end i didnt. But i was wondering how many die hard PC gamers have now conceeded to purchase a console like the Xbox? The Console world has changed alot since my trusty N64 (in the days when i cudnt afford, or needed, a PC that wud run anything like Golden Eye <-- OMFG WOT A GAME ) and its not a case of playing vs the PC or m8 sat next to u anymore, thx to Xbox Live etc. I knowa couple of guys in DOA have an Xbox, but i find it increasingly annoying that games are delayed until they are released on the PC becus of the "exclusive" titles that are packaged with consoles (latest example is MOH Pacific Assault)

    Edit: are people that are playing NFSU for example, able to play on the same servers as PC users playing NFSU when using Xbox Live etc?

    you support terrorism if you buy an Xbox...

    PC > * > Console

    NFSU is better on the PC than on the gheibox gheicube or gheistation





        it's too bad MS doens't release a keyboard and mouse for x:box, then i'd be more inclined to buy one... especially so i could wreck shop on the UCers that think they have skills.

        FPS suck on console w/out mouse.



          Consoles are sweet...

          I think calling all you dont own "ghey" kinda unessesary! Its like "I dont own a console, I dont know anyting about consoles, and actually I cant find anything nagative about em... so I just call em ghei... cause PC r000x0rzz!!!1!1!!1!"

          No krille, I know you didnt mean it like that!

          Anyway... I have the cube, and I'm very satesfied. I like my console, couse its pure plugg-n-play, and never any problems with low hardware specs and all that.
          Consoles are made for gaming, and gaming only, therefore, gaming on em, is allways a pleasure!

          BUT... I whould not in anyway say a console replaces a pc! The pc is much better in many ways, and as long as cash aint a issue, pc gaming is top notch aswell.
          ... and, when it comes to multiplayer, atleast FPS, I think you can completly trash the consoles!

          I just heard you have to friki'n PAY to play xbox live! WTF?! No, paying for your internett connection is not enought... M$ HAS to demand cash for you to play their game online! What the h*** is that all about?! Like Epic clain cash everytime you join a UT2003/4 server!
          May M$ BURN for this! :down:




              PCs are better because

              a/ PCs are more versatile than consoles
              You can't run serious apps on a console... Excel, Photoshop, 3DSMax, etc...

              b/ PCs are for more powerful.
              For example the very lowest video resolution on a PC is 640*480 (with typical values being in the 800*600 to 1280*960), whereas console games, because they are displayed on a TV set, run at a 704*480 resolution (in NTSC). PCs FPSs also are better, since TV sets only display 30 images/s in NTSC.
              In addition, since PCs have better video cards and CPUs, they are able to display more polys and advanced video effects (shaders and particule emitters) than consoles.

              c/ PCs are upgradable

              d/ PCs have more game titles than consoles

              So if you have a PC, you shouldn't need a console except if you want to play a game that is only available on console. (Nintendo games for example)


                all good console games make their way to the PC sooner or later
                and thouse who dont cant be emulated

                emulation owns


                  PC>Mobile phones (snake )>Consoles


                    Originally posted by KriLL3
                    all good console games make their way to the PC sooner or later
                    remember when it was the other way around ?......ah those were the days. i must admit that a came close to buying an Xbox b4 xmas, ended up with a fx5900 instead, phew that was close, i still go a mega drive that comes out for a bit of streets of rage every now and then. the xbox is a good console but the PC eats it.


                      it's all M$ fault.. **** M$

                      *starts personal anti M$ riot*


                        Dude, for the most part... PS2 and x:box suck IF you already own a PC.

                        But I'm with you on the Nintendo Gamecube -- imma probably buy one soon... just hoping they make a Mario Kart release...

                        At one point, I hated nintendo but now the playability and simple controls makes the longevity fun as hell.....


                        the problem we (as TRUE gamers) face now is the fact that alot of studios are building for what everyone calls, 'consolish' strategy and game play.... usually ending up in a nerfed game type to appease a larger market and make the sales number hit.

                        can we get upset? surely. can we blame them? only if they completely forget about PC users and never build pc-based games.

                        thank god for epic. so quit crying about the release date..

                        they are still one of the few.



                          I have an XBOX and love it. It is Modded though (XECUTOR 2.2). I dont think Id like it so much if it was a bog standard box. I have it connected to my home LAN.

                          I can stream shoutcast (Fibre into my Yammy Amp 5.1), Play my MP3's from my PC server. I have over 65 games, I use it to watch XVID, DIVX, AVI, ASF etc.. on my 36" TV downstairs. I can FTP to it from this and my other PC's(Flash FXP). I can rip Audio/game CD/DVDS to its 120GB HD or just copy them over the LAN. It plays DVD's if needed. I have the remote so can access evrything at a click of a button. It has a time server built in, FTP server, Visualisations fro MP3's etc..Its great.

                          Oh did I say that it connects to IMDB for Movie info when required. Just click on your shared Movie and it will download and display the info IMDB has for it. Wicked

                          But as I said a standard XBOX to me would be boring. The only thing thats annoying is the fact I cant use XBOX live on MOST of the games I have. MS will instantly BAN any modded XBOX it detects connecting to its LIVE servers. I can turn the Mod chip off though if required.

                          I use it more than my PC TBH. Get a few new XVID movies and watch them downstairs, also great for those **** collections - Great for viewing slideshows No more huddling over that PC in the corner.

                          Some of the Games are awsome - PG2, SSX3, Amped2, Metal Arms, Freestyle Metal X - to name a few - all presented in DD5.1 wich sounds great on my AMP (Vibe 15" Sub).

                          FPS games suck on it. Then again I have this PC for that. For ARCADE games the XBOX is second to none. Wich is what I want from a console.

                          To me its a Home Entertainment system - Not just a games Console. A PC is a PC a Games console is just that. They are different beasts. I get what I want from both.


                            Cant se why ppl hate consoles so much! :weird:

                            I true gamier with respect for himself owns a console! :up:

                            NO, consoles aint better that PCs... but its like comparing a sportscar and a motorbike!

                            Every true speedfanatics owns a motorbike... but they dont buy it to REPLACE theyr car! And there is one more fact you forget... PRICE!

                            Gamecube: $118,-
                            Computah: $1037,-
                            (True prices in Norway)


                            Originally posted by comb0KING
                            just hoping they make a Mario Kart release...

                            :weird: Like "Cube + Mario Kart: $99,-" or that they make a MK for the cube?! Cause... mk been out for quite a while!


                              Another sign of a true nerd(besides being a middle aged, overweight male virgin and having no friends except on the internet):
                              You constantly argue how game x is better then game y, or how a PC is better then a console.