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UT99 Under Vista

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    UT99 Under Vista

    Hey all. I realize this is in the wrong place, but i'm just looking to find anyone with some knowledge in this area.

    I've got a problem that i'm hoping you guys may have some idea's about.
    I'm running a new PC (spec's in my sig) with Vista Ultimate 32bit.
    When trying to play UT on one of my favorite server's running UTDC 2.0c, the game will lockup after reconnecting for the next match. After going over the UTDC forums, it was said they having this problem when under a 64bit OS but not the 32bit version's. Driver changes/updates have not helped, and nothing I have done with UT itself seems to be helping.

    So at this point I have 2 thing's im hoping to et some insight to:

    1. Does anyone have any idea's on how to fix this issue.

    2. can anyone recommend Virtualization Software (like VMware for example) so can run a copy of XP to play UT on without having to make my machine dual-boot between XP and Vista.

    ANY help would be appreciated.

    UPDATE: I now know virtualization isn't an option. Could anyone provide me with some help for a UTDC 2.0c issue? Details as follows:

    I've been having a problem while playing UT99 online on a UTDC 2.0c server under Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit.

    On loading a fresh game, I can connect to the server without issue, but as soon as the match end's and UT goes to connect for the next map, it lock's up as UTDC is attempting to verify my client software. So i'm forced to close UT via the task manager, load the game back up, and reconnect to the server in order to keep playing.

    Sometime's i'll be able to go multiple session's before it locks up (no more than 3 games in a row thus far) and this is completely random as far as I can tell. Rebooting and Cold Booting my PC doesn't seem to impact this at all.

    I've tried different Video driver's, some beta driver's as well, and Vista has all the latest update (not sure if this would have any bearing on it) and I even have port forwarding on my router enabled specifically for UT. There are no Firewall's present, and Windows Defender and Security Center are both disabled. The only anti-virus i'm using is AVG 7.5 (free edition).

    Any suggestion's would be much appreciated.


      Have you tried running UT99 under compatibility mode?


        Yeah, didn't seem to help.