Our servers are in the progress of being put together, we have been around for a while... Originated in 1999, I'm the only ORIGINAL member.... lol.. but We do have a whole bunch of new great guys(some girls) with us.

We mainly play UT99 Rosebum Rocket X, and UT2k4 on the Rosebum servers, www.rosebum.com check them out, they have some GREAT servers.

we also play on S^3 servers (www.s-cubed.ca)

Our clan website is:


More about us:

When you get into the clan you are granted Illegal lvl 202 on the Rosebum vCTF custom mods and weapons server, you can EARN your way up to lvl 201, witch takes a very long time, Or just buy lvl 201, or lvl 202...

lvl 202 costs 50$, if you join .:b{X}s:. you are granted LVL 202 for free.

(the money for the levels is to help fund the cost of the servers, but if you join my clan, I pay for you to get up to 5 lvl 202 chars, thats 250$ reg price, for free, just for joining, now, were going to have to get to know you before accepting you, so expect long waits to join)

Ty you for reading have a nice day/night/morning/afternoon ect...