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    i have just a cloth standard one, and it works great, IMO, with my microsoft optical 3.0a, i dont like really slick mouse pads (not that ive really tried a good one) but i have naturally planned aims with friction of the cloth, so... once you get used to something, i dont see what the diff is.


      Originally posted by comb0KING
      Bah to Ratpadz -- I read everyones hype.. bought one... and after the plastic feet of your MX500 rub on it a good solid month, the center of the pad becomes uber smooth and it's very inconsistent.... the only consistency you'll have is in the center.. thus decreasing the actual 'effective' size of the pad.

      Buy a 10$ oversized cloth matt from CompUSA and you'll never be happier... this coming from an MX500 owner too.

      My Ratpad is at my office desk since the wood is too reflective and it sucks for gaming....

      Mark my words.

      Sorry to hear about your bad luck, but new GS version uses harder virtually undestructable plastic and has smoother than previous version surface (I assume you used old one). But like with any hard surface mouse pad there is always a possibility to rub off mouse feet under extensive use, this is why mouse skatez are highly recoomended with such pads.
      The cheapest and easiest to use (precut disks) I found there
      Highly recommend.
      Also for added friction you can use Pledge with Orange Oil (furniture care stuff) on your mousepad.
      I use RatpadzGS for 3 months already and the surface is the same as the day it arrived.


        Allsop raindrop is the best pad out there, if you ask me. Smoother than normal cloth, but it's still got friction. And it's cheap. :P


          For a few bucks, I bought one of those jumbo mouse pads from Staples: 13¾" x 17½" plain black fabric over foam rubber. It works great with my optical mouse.

          I don't understand the need for these $30 mouse pads, unless there is some amazing performance gain I don't know about.


            When I switched from regular cloth pad to RatzpadGS I immediately noticed big improvement, first - bigger size, second - less effort moving mouse, third - increased accuracy.
            And this place sells them for mere $10.


              Anybody use the Everglide Fuze? I think it is a fairly new mousemat.
              I am thinking about buying one and trying it out.