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Need network help?! I think something is wrong

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    Need network help?! I think something is wrong

    Hey guys I am having some difficulty. I put this in the tech problems post and no one has replied yet.

    I just got this falcon machV and it’s really great

    But lately I’ve been networking with my dad trying to play Unreal Tournament 2004 on max settings

    When I host the game everything works fine but when he hosts it using his Dell Precision 220 P3 I start having persistent frame rate problems on my second 30’’ lcd monitor. I mean this is horrible.

    My dad thinks his 4x cd drive might need to be upgraded

    And another problem we are having is every time he tries to save a screenshot on his second floppy drive his computer freezes. We think this might have something to do with his 5GB hard drive.

    The graphics also look way worse on his Princeton Graphics 640X480 VGA Monitor

    Is this because of his GeForce 2 GTS PRO Video Card????

    When I upgraded to my 2x nVidia GeForce 8800Ultra 768MB video card I saved my nVidia GeForce 8800GTX 768MB video card. Do you think that it would help any if my dad installed my old nVidia card on his Pentium 3 machine?

    Do you think he should upgrade from windows 95?

    He also wonders if 384MB of RAM is really enough to run this…

    Any ideas?

    Oh, and does anyone know if there is a water cooling kit available for his model? If not, do you think if he packed his tower with icepacks he could over clock his 800MHz processor to 1GHz. Maybe? (He used his xmas bonus last year to install a second cooling fan but he hasn’t noticed much improvement because the increased fan noise drowns out his 5watt subwoofer)