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ut2k4 higher rewards????

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    Re: Re: ut2k4 higher rewards????

    Originally posted by Powerslave666
    Play NW in a decent server and come back and tell me it's too easy to get a wicked sick.
    hmmm playing NW its mutch easy R 2 get wicked sick then playing insta gib and u know it

    cuzz with normal weapons u can take multy hits
    butwith insta u get once hit ur *** is dead


      Another noob playing instant action, with novice bot's, on his newly updated demo download.

      Congrats on your accomplishments!

      Now try sandpaper instead of vasaline, it might be more of a challenge for you!


        alway gota flame me for what i do or think eh...
        wel have a coke and a smile and stfu :up:


          I think the current number of awards are enough, but it would improve if it was distributed like:
          - Killing Spree 5 frags
          - Rampage 10 frags
          - Dominating 20 frags
          - Godlike 30 frags
          - Wicked Sick 50 frags



            Hey -=KilL-Ha-Ic3=-,

            You kinda left yourself open for that one. You don't get those on a regular basis if your being challenged. Even the best don't get them that often if ever in comp!


              yea i know but imean in over all just fragging it up in a server
              with 20 ppl running all over the place and stuff
              offcourse it hard to get WICKED SICK while in a 1 on 1 or comp
              unless ur [ELF]NBk or sumthing

              but i do get those on regular bacis look
              my stats


                Originally posted by »A51«*Crash*
                why u keep postin those pics its like you never seen a naked woman b4 :bulb:

                i would like it when u get a spree and die it would state which spree you got

                eg rampage instead of

                "Player1 killing spree was ended by Player2"

                it would say

                Player1 Rampage was ended by Player2" ect

                So it shows what level you were at

                gives the player the reconision
                I agree.
                Right now other players have no idea what kind of spree you're in, unless they take the time to look it up, and that simply doesn't happen in such a fast game.



                  Just having some fun and trying to see how many awards I could get. Are there any other types out there?


                    You can open the sound pack in UED and it shows them all there


                      Gah. The top end of one (or both) awards (kills/sprees) should be "Unreal!" :sour: