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    Just wondering why I have 2 stats instead of just one stat page on the stat website. Will it mess up my stats? I made a new acc for my Nephew, then changed it back, and now a couple days later I have 58 games played on the same stat name I have now, and the games don't add up, the games I played on the second acc, aren't in the first acc, what is going on? I know ut3 is coming out soon, but even then, I like to have my stats, even though they are nothing to brag about :P HoNkIfYoUrStOnEd is my In game name. (Honk) Not sure were to put this thread, so if it's in the wrong place, It wasn't on purpose.

    make sure

    that you see and remember your user id on your stats like a certain number so you can use it on the ut2004 stats page play a game or 2 and look up your name, and in game remember that user id and pass, and if you got a new person just change it in game and when finished just change it back to the old one

    just my 2 cents