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question about changing weapon speed

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    question about changing weapon speed

    I consider myself a bad player, since I don't practice so much and due to my age (36), but sometimes it seems that all the players have much faster weapon change speed and rate of fire.

    I play for fun and I like to use on screen weapons. So I ask:

    Is the changing speed faster when the weapon is not on screen ?

    Thanks in advance.

    speed is the same either way. Probably the difference is in binds. How do you switch between weapons? Do you use the mouse wheel? If so, that is your problem right there. You should really bind each weapon to a different key. That way you will switch between them as fast as possible.


      I'm left handed.

      I use IJKL for movements, U for shock/sniper and O for rocket/flak. Middle mouse is for translocator/shieldgun... all in this order of preference.

      My fingers are pretty fast (I'm guitar player, lol), but perhaps my reflexes for gaming aren't enough...

      "I'm gettin' too old for this ****"


        Not to be off topic, but most people I play UT with average your age.