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E-Rev Cast: Vox Animus vs. T5K 6v6 ONS

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    E-Rev Cast: Vox Animus vs. T5K 6v6 ONS

    E-Rev, The Electronic Revolution Broadcasting Network, has been dedicated at bring the gaming communities the best competitive gaming coverage ever. We are a online broadcasting company, bringing live broadcasts of the best teams out there. One of the games we have covered since day one is UT2004. We have covered several different matches and different game types. With UT3 on the way, we are trying to squeeze out all we can from the current Unreal Series fans. So for you fans of Onslaught, here's a special treat for you!

    This Sunday, will be covering Vox Animus vs. T5K in a 6v6 Onslaught match LIVE! T5K will be defending there number 2 spot from the current number 5 team, Vox Animus. But don't let Vox's current rank full you, they are #1 material.

    Date: 9-09-07
    Time: 9:00 PM Est.
    Ladder: 6v6 Onslaught
    Maps Scheduled to be Played: ONS-Crossfire, ONS-Dawn, ONS-Frostbite
    E-Rev forum topic:
    TWL Rant board:

    Both these teams have players who have been here around since the golden age of ONS and before; and they have chosen some of the original UT2004 ONS maps to play for this match. So Check out @ 9 Est this Sunday to watch what could be one of the best ONS matches in a while. Feel free to hit us up in IRC during the cast to have your shout outs and opinions of the match made @ #E-Rev on the Gamesurge IRC Network.

    I love ons!


      Me too

      UT2004 ONS still Rocking.

      I will be casting this one with 2 Great Teams going at it.

      T5K ONS Team Getting Ready


        Its Sunday Night and the battle about to begin.

        T5K vs VOX ONS BABY.