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Anyone wanna play sometime?

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    Anyone wanna play sometime?

    I figured this would be the best place to ask because well it's the forum.. I usually play with my boyfriend, and his friends but it gets boring when he goes to bed... I'd go on a server but I'd like to actually talk to a person on here or somewhere before I play.

    So if you want to add me my UT2k4 sn is my forum sn..




    You may play with me someday. Just add me in your UT2K4 buddy list.

    Best Regards,
    Henry Jones a.k.a. "Soldier_of_Love" in UT2004 reality


      Hey Lecie,wy don't you check out our UT division at (the art of warfare) I know you like what you see,we grown to about 16 guys and gals all with the same commend gold,we like to play UT,we have two TAW server setup where we pratice TDM,CTF 2 or 3 times a week,we use xfire mesenger so you can see who playing from the team and join them if you want to,we also have a server setup for teamspeak for communication in game.

      The best part is our website where we stay in touch, have a lot of post on tips and tactics,the gals have a lot of post there,well some time to much
      the gals babylon and hudsonC are setting up two more webpage,they counld use your help and expertise.

      we are still looking to expand our division so tell your boyfriend and his friend to look us up to.

      vist us at and file out a form from the ut division.


        Thanks... I appreciate it.


          put *[S]* into your buddies to find me in game.


            I play on Thursday nights. You can either look for me, RiSMIV, or go to my server,, usually known as the Clan Victoria server, but possibly to be renamed soon. I've got about a dozen guys from Boston who I often play with over the LAN, and hope to have them join me on Thursdays, but it may take them a while. I've told them I'll definitely be online every Thursday, 8-9 PM EST, if they want to play, so if you look for me then, you'll definitely find me. I'm also looking for more people to play with online, though.


              If you DM you may want to check out our immensely popular Public TAM server

              We're all about havin fun and hangin out - peace

              {PUB}-12 Players TAM - -