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What do other people see me as?

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    mmm, grrrrls


      Originally posted by KriLL3
      dont that slowly but surly turn you mad?

      he's ugly as ("insert horrid curse here") and his voice sound like ("insert even more horrid curse here")

      i see everyone as they are supposed to look more personal and fun that way

      it's also easyer to keep track o' a specific player (like the opposing teams "ace" or their main ball/flag runner etc)

      i usaly focus on these first
      Gorge = Fat *******.. enough said


        Originally posted by wtfbleh~
        Everyone is Gorge for me :up:


          i would also get bored of the game if i only saw one skin, so it may be easier to see and shoot but too dull for me..


            Originally posted by Mejwell
            You should pay a bit more attention to what Tropic posted. He wasn't talking about you YOURSELF playing as a female model. I'm pretty sure (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'm used to it) that he was talking about why you don't like to play against other players using female models. If THEY'RE the ones using the models, it doesn't imply anything about yourself.

            Also, he was also kind enough to point out that it's spelled "girl."


              Spam... is that you? I thought you were abroad somewhere in Asia.

              BTW if you use the models that came with the game most people will see you as the model, unless of course they are forcing default.

              - Cythes


                Originally posted by KriLL3
                me 2 (well the male guy with breathing mask and shades (the kewlest of the 2 twins)

                he's skinny looks mean/stylish and it aint a grrl... i quite never figured out why almost all use super skinny grrls... (sure quite small amout o' visual area but.... a grrl?)
                mb cause they dont like the gruff sounds the male ones make.

                OMFG look its a ghey robot

                /me points :haha: :haha: :haha: