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Temporary Gaming Rig

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    Temporary Gaming Rig

    Games I will want to play -

    Unreal Tournament 2004

    City of Villains

    Heres the specs, I will be using this for just a month for whatever reason, but I want to be able to play these two games properly for the one month. Since I will be using the PC only for a month, I want the cheapest I can get.

    Here We go

    GFX Card - Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb. (I already have this from my old pc. It doesnt work so great anymore, with frequent overheating and artifacts. If I can replace this for under 50 bucks please do recommend)

    1 Gig ram (already have, DDR 667)

    Hard Drive - Already have

    Mouse - Already have Logitech MX518

    Case w/PSU - . Is 350w enough?

    Monitor - ( I can get CRT cheaper but shipping will probably be more due to its weight)

    DVD -

    Keyboard -

    Headset -

    VGA Fan -

    Mobo - (on combo with) Processor -

    Am I missing anything? Will this rig suffice for the said games on at least near maximal settings? anything that is overkill that I can buy cheaper stuff and still get the performance out of these two games?

    This is the only forum with techies that I know, and it IS UT04 related, so I thought id ask for opinions here.


    That should be able to run vanilla UT2004 easy on maximum settings.


      Originally posted by NinetyTwo View Post
      That should be able to run vanilla UT2004 easy on maximum settings.
      vanilla? Do i need a sound card?


        nope, the mobo you got has a soundcard already

        why you buying a vga cooler, most stock ones are fine (and are a pain to remove) and replacing with a "universal fit" might preform worse.


          because the video card is old and overheats frequently; I was thinking a new VGA cooler might help.

          is that processor really any good? 30 bucks for a processor....