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Are taunts allowed in game?

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    Are taunts allowed in game?


    Are taunts allowed in game, the complaint is about hit box, i got no idea what this is about, but if this is a problem why has it not been removed in game from the latest patch if this is a problem.

    I got binds for taunt in the fire button, is this illegal in comp?

    Can i have a taunt bound to a key(not the fire button) and hit and use in game or is this again illegal?

    Can any one elaboate why this is a problem, i got text binds, are they illeagal, i have weapon binds are they illeagal?

    OK here is the conversation i had when the admin just up and banned me permanetly, his maturity level for players having fun online aint there and its not a stats server, avoid this server

    Now from his conversation, i beleive i can have this taunt on my keyboard, or mouse i got 2 spare keys there on the right not used(the ones on the left have binds for weapons), and use it when ever i like? but it cannot be bound to the fire key?

    If this is correct, were is the logic, there almost is not any difference at all, i can taunt just as easily? maybe some one can explain this to me, all i was after was a freindly online game, and here im banned now.

    I decided to edit my post to show the ini code in question
    PHP Code:
    Aliases[0]=(Command="Button bFire | Fire |taunt PThrust|onrelease taunt Gesture_Cheer",Alias="Fire")
    Aliases[1]=(Command="Button bAltFire | AltFire |taunt PThrust|onrelease taunt Gesture_Cheer",Alias="AltFire"
    My spare mouse keys for Razor Copperhead(now if i add those taunts above to hear be ok?)

    Any way i thank you for your time

    Don't bind any sort of taunts to movement keys or fire buttons. It's possible, but not allowed. For some models it allows the body of the player to go outside the hitbox (the cylinder you have to hit in order to damage someone) and throw off the enemies aim.

    For the rest, there's the NoTauntBinds mutator, that actively prevents these kind of things.


      Yea, that's highly distracting and as said above, the taunting character can leave the hitbox, and a "hittable" area as seen by your opponent will register as a miss since you've left the collision cylinder.


        You CAN keep taunts on commonly used key. Just don't whine if you get banned from all servers.


          We ban for it at Titan servers.


            Most people find taunts annoying, so why not just leave them off because you are a nice person... !


              Originally posted by snoopy
              maturity level for players having fun online aint there and its not a stats server
              Yeah, and it's not an IRC porn channel either.

              Bottom line of the original question is simple: don't annoy fellow players. A taunt here and there, and a funny remark is fine...doing it all the time is just annoying.


                Taunts (animation or voice) bound to movement, fire, or weapon switches are a big no-no on pretty much all servers.

                manually taunting is fine (and rather funny when used at the right time), it is really obvious the difference between a manually triggered taunt and a double bound one.