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Suiciding to return to your base quickly/regain health, Valid Tactic or Lame Exploit?

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    Idk i wouldn't mind getting back to base with full health


      I think it is a tactic but a lame one if you use it repeatedly during a match. I can see using it if you are in the middle of nowhere or fell through the map because of a glitch but being able to defend immediately while attacking seems a bit much. Really a 5 second penalty after its use would be better. Thats why in ONS it doesn't bug me since they can't spawn right next to a node that is being attacked.


        I don't use it but also don't have a problem with others doing it. There are much much lamer tactics being used all the time and this seems pretty minor by comparison.


          losing weapons isn't a matter. in CTF, you'll have weapons very near to your spawn point and go defending right away.

          to prevent this, one can make a mutator which increases the time before you can spawn depending on your suicide stats.
          say, if you have suicided for 3 times, for the next 3 suicide you will spawn 5 seconds late. and after than, for the next 3 suicide, you get delayed for the next next 3 suicide...

          3 suicide > 3 Suicide, 5 sec delay > 3 suicide > 3 suicide, 5 sec delay and so on...

          a timer can also be added. eg. 3 suicide in 5 min then it takes effect.


            suiciding because you are stuck in terrain or a glitch is always acceptable, but usually i don't like to see it in non-competitive play. this is supposed to be fun remember?
            tactical suicides are fine, but if you end up using it more than 3 times in a 5 point win ctf game, then you are just plain lazy.


              Use it for shortcut. Especially in onslaught maps when Im in the middle of nowhere and no nodes are in sight.


                with ONS in the middle of nowhere, i understand.
                i play ctf almost exclusively, so i was speaking to that.

                oh except that having a suicide keybind handy in DM or TDM is essential, caugh