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SteelSeries is back with 2 new tourneys at $3,000+ cash and pri

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    SteelSeries is back with 2 new tourneys at $3,000+ cash and pri

    Hey guys –

    On July 7th and 8th we are hosting two online tournaments for CS:S and UT players sponsored by SteelSeries.

    First, July 7th we are having an “open” tournament where anyone can come and play. It’s a draft format where GINA (our match-making technology) will put you on a team, so everyone is invited to play. It should be a lot of fun. All you need to do is play one pick-up game before the tournament.

    Make sure you get there early so you get in the tournament before it starts.
    Next, on July 8th we are hosting an Invitational with qualifying matches scheduled throughout this month. The first one is this coming Saturday, June 16 at 1PM EST. So bring your best teams to compete.

    More information on both of these tourneys can be found here.

    Prizes: SteelSeries has offered up gaming pads (Experience I-1 and S&S Solos) and gaming gloves. We have added cash to these great prizes.
    Oh yeah, we are having a random drawing for a “hard to get” SteelSeries SX gaming pad (just released last week) ( The drawing for this pad is open to anyone that plays in either tournament… Saturday or Sunday.
    Let me know if ya’ll have questions.
    gamesurge : #purepressure
    enterthegame : #purepressure

    fyi, times for the next two qualifiers have changed - see purepressure post for details.


      Times have changed for the GINA Open as well.


        Only 2 Qualifiers left!


          Results are in! GG's to all who played!