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    Graffic's Problems

    I've been having some graffic problems for a wile nw with UT 2004 putting all the settings on highest setting (i can do all but shadows) and if i do full shadows, when im in a game my pc crashes, I know none of the new games use ATI's Radon, but I love it better than NVidea. And gcard is X1600 PRO, one of the best out there. And yet im having problmes with games like UT 2004, UT 99 and Unreal (not Unreal II, game works like a charm ecpt loading is very long) (I dont have UT 2003) And another game, DRIV3R. My graffics arint like they shold be in that game, they look worse than a baby's version of GTA3, the grafics arnt like the ingame with ingame graffics movies and the picts. And i know that on picts and movies thay put more in there than what is there. Pleese help.

    This could be a lot of things.

    If your graphics card's heatsink is not on correctly or you have dust in your CPU's heatsink or something... or if your PC doesn't have proper airflow it's possible that something is overheating. Sometimes when a PC randomly crashes it is due to overheating.

    More likely, it is quite possible that the power draw on your system is too great, and that your power supply unit (PSU) is too weak... and when your PSU isn't supplyign enough current to the parts, it crashes. When you have a bad PSU, it makes sense that things crash at stressful points in the game, becuase this is when your system is being stressed most.

    Other than that, it could be a lot of things... Some things are just difficult to diagnose without knowing your computer's specifications or being able to look at it personally.

    Just make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow to your case, that there is not excessive dust in your hardware, and see if you can see any numbers on your power supply that would indicate how many watts it puts out.

    Also, please try hard to use the best grammar/spelling possible. I had a lot of trouble figuring out what you were trying to at points. In other words, help us help you.


      I was told the reason is cuz i dont have what DRIV3R and UT 2004 was bult for: NVidea graffics card. I AM NOT SWICHING TO NVIDEA! and my power is 500. probley way too much?


        Can you describe whatdo you mean by "PC crashes"? It displays so called Blue Screen of Death, restarts or just game crashes to the desktop?

        When you have problems with certain games low performance, first rule - check the videocard vendor site (in your case for a newer driver for your videocard. Also, there's barely any difference in UT2004 performance on ATI and nVidia. Intro-cutscene means pretty nothing. One of the reasons - the game is quite CPU-intensive and often it's CPU which limits the fps.

        As for the power - it's never too much. If your PSU output is around 350-400 and you have quite powerful system, that mean that your PSU works with 80-90% load, which means its resource will end-up earlier then if it worked at 50-60% load. The lower the strain to your PSU, the more safer you hardware and data is. Also if it's old (around 1.5 years) check the voltage in BIOS. look for 12V and 5V values. These should be withing +/- 5% of respectively 12V and 5V. If these are more then 0.4V for 12V and 0.3V for 5V line - PSU may be the reason of the problem. if it's more then 0.6-0.7V for 12V and 0.5V for 5V, then try getting new PSU as soon as possible - it may not be the cause of that particular problem, but replacing may save you data and hardware.


          ok as soon as i play a game with all the stuff set on high, it plays slow then in 2 miniuts it should show the blue screen of death (but i put it so it restarts insead of system dumping)