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Best 1v1 DM Server around

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    Best 1v1 DM Server around

    I'd like to invite you all to check out .:The 13th Floor:. 1v1 DM Server.

    It's located in Chicago and features fulltime server-side demo recording and you can download your demos from the link provided in the server's Message of the Day within ONE HOUR of completing your match.

    I'm offering this service in hopes that it will make a great training aid since you'll be able to download and evaluate demos of your matches played on this server.

    Check it out and let me know what you think:


    appreciate the server-side demorec. most competitive palyers use autodemorec, but clientdemos are never as nice as server demos are. I think I've played on 13th floor a while back with DS.Primal and all the others more than a year ago when we played. Good times


      Ya, a lot do use cient side demos, but that uses additional resources that tend to drop your in-game FPS.

      ....and you're right, Server-Side demos are a lot better quality, and have more selectable viewing angles if you want to use rypel cam and put together a vid.



        Great idea, hope it gets very popular which I think it will be.


          Great server, it pings 30 for me which is great.
          Keep up the good work