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Nostromo N52 delays.

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    Nostromo N52 delays.

    I've tried to set up a macro to where it delays 45 seconds and then sends to team that the 100 armor is about to spawn (press it after I or someone gets it).

    I've done:

    45.00 delay
    y press
    y release
    .. armor message ..

    And I guess I'm missing something, because once I press the button it sends it straight away, w/o a delay.

    What am I doing wrong? =[

    to send the team message you need it to press a button after 45 seconds, just about any button on the right side of the keyboard will work. the button is bound to a saying, you can do this by modifying your user.ini like m=say Shield up

    for more with the keybinds you can look here


      You're basically asking how to set up a cheat?


        Originally posted by Piglet View Post
        You're basically asking how to set up a cheat?
        I wouldn't say it that harsh, its not exactly cheating. There are many ways to do timers in game and with 3rd party devices that its impossible to block.
        I built a small light box for timing at small LAN tourneys. Its two pieces with a wire. It has is 3 LED lights, times can be changed by flipping switches and then there are 3 buttons pressing them starts the timer. The button box sit near the left thumb and then the lights sit under the monitor.

        Online clans typically do similar methods, a player announces the take and a non active player will time the items for the group and announce it coming.

        People can also watch the in game clock and calculate in their head the spawn times(this is unavoidable).

        All the methods are based on the knowledge that the pickup was taken, either by sound or visual. So personally I feel that all these methods are perfectly legal based on that. You could remove the game clock, make people unable to hook 3rd party devices and keep them from other human contact and people will still manage to time items. Based on your run around a map you can also time subjectively every 3 laps = spawn pickup while picking heath and needed weps on the way.

        3rd party methods may be cheap but they are in no way cheats, this type of profiling makes utcomp and tam like a skinhack.


          That depends on your definition of cheating, RoadKillGrill. Most people, among which myself, consider all external devices that give an objective advantage to be cheating.
          It's a bit like playing chess: how would you feel if the other player just produced a laptop and said "hold on...I'm having doubts between 2 moves. Lemme calculate which one will give me the most board advantage"?
          (okay, it's not the best example, but it'll do)