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Mulling over becoming a 64bit gamer

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    Mulling over becoming a 64bit gamer

    Hello ppl,

    just musing' ... incase you think it's wierd for a fella with a post count of 7 to ramble on here, mulling over his innermost thoughts : well, I don't know, it IS a bit wierd.

    But that's pretty much how it feels to be a Vista-ridden 64bit gamer. You know, I'm not disappointed ... it's been kinda fun, like building a Millenium Edition PC.

    I won't bore you with the specs, but because my last rig died (after sitting unused in an attic for 6 months whilst I was in India) I decided I was worth a decent spend ... like when I bought the ATI Radeon 64 for £300, you know what I mean. So, I'm all next-gen'd up with my SLI, Crosshair ready mobo, 64 bit CPU and ... **Drum roll** ... go for it!! A 64 bit OS! This is Vista after all, XP saw dead the days of SE fixes to knackered OSes and if I'm building a machine to last .. 64bit OS is necessary, Vista is next -gen and so am I, wot can possibly go wrong?? Ofcourse, I'm In like Flynn.

    I'm not disappointed. I enjoyed searching for drivers for my hardware cos none of the supplied software would even get past the install screen, it really wasn't anymore than I would do anyway - all us gamers get the latest stuff for our babies, right? Ok, I had to buy a 50m ethernet cable cos none of my 3 wireless adapters have 64bit drivers ... but hey! My ethernet cable cost £15!! So, I'm happy. Maybe I can help a few friends out with my top notch Wireless Adapters, save 'em a few quid. It's all coming up Roses.

    But still I have this nagging thought ... sure, I'm getting 200+fps on UT2k4 with all settings maxed, I'm scoring 7338 on 3DMark06 - I could tweak and get more, but ... was any of it really worth it?

    I don't know, I feel free ... and used. It's strange - I feel like an idiot, but don't really know why.

    I don't think I'm going to spend as much on my next upgrade. Mainly because my PC is getting used more as a home media PC rather then a gaming PC. A top of the line video card doesn't make sense beyond having HDTV output.


      Congrats on getting suckered. If you want to do absolutely anything else with your copy of Vista 64, you're basically screwed. Ok perhaps that's a slight exaggeration but.. There isn't that much 64 bit support out there and won't be for a long while. You'd have been better off getting the 32 bit version of Vista. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


        Ah well, you're ready for UT3


          I have a lot of games run better in Windows XP x64. Plus if you have x64 CPU there is no reason not to go x64 with the software also.


            Yes there is reason.

            But, if you know how to do dual boot then it's not as much of a problem.


              Originally posted by Bersy View Post
              Yes there is reason.
              There are reasons to not to run on every OS.


                It's all gravy ...well mostly

                I've had a week or more on the 64bit Vista now, and I gotta say I'm kinda lovin' it. My rig runs faster and smoother than any other new build I've ever done, there's only one driver I'm still missing (Wireless - all 3 still don't work), but with my LAN - it's unimportant.

                So, I know I'm future ready, and would absolutley recommend 64bit Vista, unless you NEED wireless 'cos you'll be stumped - unless you buy one new. BTW, Vista is beautiful, really it is... I don't like the User Control feature, or the nagging when it's off, but I'll find a way around that when I have time (I literally haven't even checked it out).

                I've had a chance to install my old favourites and they all work ... ObjectDock works well (not entirely stable, but can get a good 72 hours uptime without a problem). AVG and ZA have had to go, but that's their problem - they work with 64bit Vista, but only if you pay (cheeky gets) so Avast has been given a go, and I like it (mental note must find free firewall, ZA can take a hike). Alcohol 120% works nicely, office 2003 does too, I'm struggling to think of anything that won't run (at 32bit) on my system, without it being a cynical ploy.

                Yeah - I've mulled and I'm happy. Oh, I could do with mouseware for my Logitech G5 that works, but hey the mouse works fine, just can't tweak it (the on-the-fly dpi adjustment needs bringing up at the bottom and down at the top).<edit>got it, nice one </edit>

                Am I right in recalling a 64-bit UT04? I think I am, maybe I'll try that.

                Anyways, thanks for the replies