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    Need some scripts


    long time I havent played UT2004 and now I had to reinstall and dont know where my old *.ini went Ive backed up . So Iam a bit lost now hopefully you can help me.

    I need a script where I can put 2 weapons at one key I dont remember it anymore so well it was something with pipeweapon or so, ah **** my brain ^^

    Shield switch script. If you press the button it will switch to the shield and shield you with secondary mode, if you release the button it will switch to the last weapon u used.

    And last, it wasnt really a script but it forced to show me all player models as a specific player model, for example a "fat" one :P which is good visible.

    Thx in advance and sorry for my poor English.


    here you go, this should have all your answers