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UT2004 addon for UT2003?

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    /me puts on best houses of parliament voice...

    HERE HERE!!!!!111oneoneone



      Originally posted by Virax
      Yes, a several gig addon. :haha:

      It's easy to be angry at them, and accuse them of milking the cash cow, but the fact is, Onslaught could be a game of it's own. The amount of stuff in this would be enough for 5 or 6 bonus packs, easy. It's just not rational to release it as a free addon.
      Very true... I have a smoking connection at school, and at home its a 56k still (dsl stops a mile short of my house, and the ISP has no intention of extending their coverage as of the last 4 years).

      Heck the 1st 2 BPs weighed in at 100+ mb! Imagine how much UT2004 would be if it were released as a BP or series of BPs?

      It seriously makes more sense to make this a GOTY++ version of the game.

      Plus they're overhauling the single player too i heard. Can anyone confirm this?


        it's a stand alone game since everyone aint got a 1337 connection..

        the new content is several gigs... that aint especialy kind to 56k users

        i got 8Mbit so i dont care though


          Originally posted by Your Name Here
          I understand that UT2003 owners will recieve a rebate on UT2004.

          Anybody know how much of rebate?
          Looks like $10 atm.


            Originally posted by [GOD]Odds
            Looks like $10 atm.
            yepp... to bad the $ is alot less worth than it was this summer =\

            the $ sux... € pwns $


              Scott Free’s become awful bitter since... :weird: