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3v3 Assault ladder

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    3v3 Assault ladder

    There is now a 3v3 Assault ladder present on since the 13th of Feb 2007. I am the new supervisor for this ladder and it has come down to me to promote it tons . So if you feel like a new challenge or want to try out a new game type try 3v3 AS. Do no feel afraid of jumping into the deep end, even the veteran assault players haven't played 3v3 AS before so its new to all. Good dm will see you far in this ladder so please sign up sign up for this great ladder. Atleast try it out for a couple of matches and if its not your cup of tea you can alwats leave. So come on guy get a clan together or get your clan to join this ladder and try it out.

    Note: 3v3 AS and its lush and theres a few customs in the map list too curtesy of c9 edits to make them competitive playable. list: As-Subrosa-LE, As-ABP-protocore-v2, As-Osaka, As-HolocorpRedux-LE, As–Vindication-LE and As- Acatana - LE. (more customs maybe added, when more become 3v3 suited, two are in the pipe line at the moment) There is also a AS pickup that does 3v3 - 5v5 As matches visit it and test the water before you join the ladder. irc channel = #assault.pickup. The community is friendly and will be willing to show you hints tricks etc of the trade (well i know i will) so come on down and join up.

    P.s. Spreading the word of this ladder will be highly aprreciated to.

    Direct link to ladder ->

    Questions/suggestions contact : xfire = dankss, email =, channel = #SLT (or common clanbase channels)

    Originally I didn't think AS would work 3on3, but it really does. On some levels it's possibly better tbh.

    The best matches I've ever played have been assault, there's just so much pressure in it.


      3v3 assault is fun, but it seems like too many of the matches are decided by either luck or the stupid respawn timer.


        respawn timer = 4

        It hardly ever becomes an issue and if you knew assault and the respawn timer = 0 barely any map would be completed. You really need to play more assault, may I suggest the 3v3 ladder on clanbase