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A minor problem

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    A minor problem

    Hi. This is my first ever post here at this forum, so if this is in the wrong section please move it.

    The "minor problem" is this. About a year or so ago I purchased a copy of UT2004 (it was original, don't shoot me, I don't believe in piracy). Installed it on my computer, no hassles, worked fine, enjoyed it, got all the packs and patches, etc.

    However, one of the CDs (I believe it was the final one, the "Play Disc") has cracked, and my computer can no longer read it. This is not a problem currently, as I can run the game fine with no CD in the slot.

    However, I am planning to buy a new computer in April (what with Vista having just come out). The problem here is, of course, that I can't install UT on my new rig when I get it. Is there any official support that I can get, or am I on my own here? I don't want to have to buy another copy if it's at all avoidable.

    If anybody knows what I can do in this situation, help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    ...or should I just wait for UT2K7?

    Hmm...this looks like a matter of "what do I have to do to move my UT2004 game from one disk to another?".
    Copy-pasting the \UT2004 folder is enough concerning the needed files, but unfortunately, I can't really tell which registry settings you have got to keep. The one containing the UT2004 key is obviously the most important one (make sure not to lose this one, or you WILL be on your own). Other than that: good luck.


      Yes, just back up your UT2004 folder and put it on your new drive. You can then use the UT2004 Registry Fixer by Spaz to put your key in. It works fine as long as you have the .net Framework installed.